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im did not check with the beta version throught. For me its could been a compression issue as its quite odd and also its failed with the jpg as well for the test project im attacehment to the dropbox (as its was too big). But im havent checked with the beta.

Here im saved the file from a very old paint shop pro 7 app (yes, that about 20 years old tool) saved to jpg, png and bmp. only bmp works correctly here, but Windows picture viewer does load them file.

As im have recently reinstalled Windows, im have still yet to test gimp as its could been a compresssion issue.

Look like its more a libpng bug as we does not uses the newest one, but its should not happens with a file saved by a 20 years old tool as im tested here?

this is odd. Its seens its a color either the jpg or png format does not like under decompress or under copying, while its does load the same image pretty fine from the bmp format.

So its not a size or memory issue for sure (as its should fails on the bmp file).

Im is not sure what its happens, but must been some how a decompress error or a round error. im not sure. But im confirm.

Here is the project im tested it with and its failed on both the 2020 and the newest version, so its not a issue created recently:

PS. Im on purpose cropped it a bit for testing. If im blankout the size with one color, its load fine, so its not a size issue.

PPS. Also on some machines textures over 2k might crash on some devices, but not the case here.

some antivirus report false positive. etc when you example uses steam drm, some scanners does not like that...... bugger.

There was a jpg issue in Greedy Mouse as well as a jpg indeeded did crash as well in one of the newer update, but here its was just a very small floor image that caused the crash. im ended here to just convert the to png and then its worked again, its was no big deal for me.

So im will confirm the issue as there is some jpg issues here. A issue im do cant fix here, up to Gernot.

Anyway im got you possible to revert to the lastet 2020 version on steam until then or convert them to png. Size is no biggie today at all.

Off Topic / Re: Where has im been
« on: 2021-Jul-05 »
Yes, there is command for the extra Next features. There has been various nice basic games for it for sure. Shpeed is such a nice example, which was a game done in basic.

What you have here, we have 28mhz cpu, which is 8x faster than the original, and you have various access to sprites, hardware scrolling, tiles etc. Tiles is much much faster than bitmap (and can been used simulation for dual playfield effects). There was also a a RPG game recently, which as im have heard done in basic.....

Micheal Ware just like assembly.

Im do not have tried Next basic yet. There is some interface to been used on Windows as well.

Off Topic / Re: Where has im been
« on: 2021-Jul-05 »
Those rusty pixels projects is all done in Z80 Assembly. Im have source code for some of those game, as im of course is part of it. Im is not good to that, but im can uses that to design levels etc, which has been happens for both games.

And yes, im designed comply of levels for detour this time. Its fun to do. Lobo did actuelly did all graphics just in time. Awesome.

Lobo seens like Pet II C64 graphics and have done various art work only using the standard PETSCII font, even a game. And monster fighting game, that just looks great and speciel.

im do sure that jpg issue would been fixed soon, but regaardless im will not touch that version. Etc when you have done a game, its rarely you ever would upgrade anyway.

Off Topic / Where has im been
« on: 2021-Jul-05 »
as some of you might notice as im have not been on the forum in a while (dispite im did do checks here and there).

The reasons is im currectly have various Spectrum Next projects with Rusty Pixels those time, so im have not code that much or could help. Currectly we trying to do Baggers in Space - Detour finished in time (most is done) and a Tyvarian 2 game, named "Tyvarian - To the Victor the Spoils".

For more info about those two projects is on the Kickstart update here:

Im have added a bit older version, which is called "2020 version". this was the newest 2020 version, you can choice that when you right click on the app, choice beta and then "2020 version" (which is 16.720). This was the newest 2020 version, before 2021 versions.

As im say steam actuelly save ALL versions, so im can select any version possible as a another beta if desiered. But of course im will not touch the default newest version, so its will not break anything.

PS. Sorry for the late reply as im currectly is focus on Spectrum Next projects.

Announcements / Re: New BETA
« on: 2021-Jul-05 »
just to make sure. im is still lying around. howover im do have focus doing Spectrum Next games those times (but did still uses glbasic for doing a tool or two).

im meant im a day implmented it secrets as SETSCREEN x,x,2. Im do not sure its still works or not removed as im used its international.

Currectly it not officiel to do that throught, so dont bug me at all.

v16 has been steam only version. im have no idea Gernot stilll send steam keys.

Off Topic / Re: Happy Christmas!
« on: 2020-Dec-22 »
im wish im did code some more, but long time ago. but happy christmas and try to keep safe in the crazy world.

PS. Im still do stuff for Rusty Pixels UK.

Is something im could help here?

Howover all my games is on steam and can no longer create steam keys for Genius Greedy Mouse and Karma Miwa.

Im do might could do that with PowerUp Elevation, im do wanted to give a way for a week exclusive for you and friends doing such a bundle like this (and im do NOT want a paymant, its for service and promotion, only if its sold like insane). Im do that as a payback for your old work from Karma Miwa.

PowerUp Elevation is DRM free on Steam. So just grab the game and use that on a bundle (you are allowered to use that). Just to remember im do cant update that version of course.

Im can do a sign eventuelly and you just need to add where the game came from and where the permission came from and notify you cannot redistrubte the game (the end user meant).

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Saving Files
« on: 2020-Oct-18 »
its require a permission from the user as Media folder is procected and then also return its path if you get granted.

This require some added java code in requestPermission java code and then return a path rather than "1" or "0".

Im have no plans to do that currectly.

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