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Quote from: erico on 2016-Nov-25
Ha! It is looking great an is a fine idea.
Checked all videos, I like the improvements.
Maybe one day we should call everyone and do compos on each GLB example?

Thanks. It's coming along bit by bit. I am only working on it in a very relaxed way. Actually this is the first game dev project I have done in a couple months or so. I got burnout and had to take some time off. But this week started playing around with GLBasic and that led to this.

I am not much into the compos but it would be great to see other people working on upgrading some of the samples. And also carrying on from where I leave off on this upgrade. Imagine how cool of a game it could become if you and others each took turns updating this one after I submit my work.
Didn't do much today. It's Thanksgiving here in the states.

I did spend some time though adding a little more FX to this sample game.

The ball now has a trail.

Next I'll switch focus back to gameplay. Gonna add 2 to 3 powerups.
Just bought your game on Steam. Fantastic job. Looks excellent. Plays great. Really enjoyed all of the attention to detail you put in it. Very highly polished.
This looks like my kind of game. Will you be releasing a Windows desktop version on GameJolt, Itch.IO, Steam or elsewhere?
The graphics for the blocks were annoying me so I just updated those. After all despite the game play being the most important thing, we want to make a good first impression and graphics do that.
Fine with me. I will put the source online as soon as I get bored enhancing the sample.

Then you can add the GameInput API stuff.

Might actually be very cool to sort of "pass it around" and make a community project out of it. One thing that is always sadly lacking for any game dev engine even the highly popular Unity are real (as in fairly big) game examples. Everyone seems to make super simple stuff for samples. Which are great but leave a lot of people scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get to that next level.

Maybe with the community working together on a single sample that comes with GLBasic "out of the box" we can do something about that. :)
Hello. I've been away quite a while but truthfully I still load up GLBasic every so often and mess around with it.

Anyway, I am off on my Thanksgiving Break this week and for fun today I spent some time upgrading the Arkanoid sample game that comes with GLBasic.

I thought... ya know GLBasic can do some nice stuff and I think if the samples that came with it had a little more oomph and pizzazz it may help to bring more people in.

Not sure how much I will do with it but this is what I have so far...

Upgraded the Block graphics & animation speed

Added a trail to the ball

Updated the ball trail and added Multi-Ball

Updated adding powerups to collect that grant multi-ball and lasers

Multi-Ball trails and Play Balancing

Music and Some Code Cleanup

Updated 2016-11-27 to fix an issue with handling different resolutions.


I don't know who is in charge of such things but if people think it is worthwhile please add it to the GLBasic download so new folks have it as an example of how to do a project a little bigger than the base Arkanoid that is currently included. Thanks! I hope it is useful to someone.

I think it would be very cool if other members of the community take my updated project and push it forward even more.
It doesn't have to be a lot of work. Even just adding 2 or 3 things is enough. If each person here did that just imagine how awesome this sample game could become. :)
Been a while since I was last here.

I was happily surprised when the website came up. Looks so much better now. On desktop and on phone. Great job!
@Corax that is actually a great idea. Not to use them as taken (digitized) but to use as references.

Every programmer can draw much better than they think they can. The biggest reason most cannot draw very well that I have seen is because they don't use reference images. And yet every artist I know does use reference images. Many references in fact.

It is how I was going to do the above and behind drawing next for the car. Literally get up in the back of my pickup and take photos of the car. Then turn the wheel in the car and angle the car and repeat. With those as reference images I could then draw a car in the view needed. But not just sit there and start drawing with no reference. A matchbox car would be ideal. Just put it in the viewpoint you need then draw it. Turn it (and wheels too if possible) and draw it. A radio controlled car would be even better probably.

The second biggest difference I've seen between artists and programmers is the amount of time they spend on an image. I've done a lot of programmer art. And worked with several artists on projects. I'll draw a tile in 2 minutes or a character in 10 minutes. They'll draw a tile in 5 to 15 minutes and a character in 30 minutes to hours. One artist I know who does fantastic work told me he can easily spend up to 1 hour just on the arm of a single animated character sprite. The entire character may take a full day's worth of effort.

So.... use references and take your time! You'll probably find you can make much better game graphics than you think you can!
Hey just wanted to let you know... I checked today and it is not correct that you can only use the assets from the Unity asset store in Unity projects. They grant you a worldwide license to use the assets in any game project or multimedia etc regardless of what it is made in. The exception is for the official Unity assets made by Unity themselves. Assets from the official tutorials and so forth. Those can only be used in Unity projects.

So there is a ton of great stuff over there you can use.
For the heck of it I made a top down car and tried to keep it very simple as far as details go so it can be easily recolored and have any decals or other details added.

If it is useful at all then feel free to use it because the only reason I made it was in response to this thread.

Unfortunately, I just now realized finally what you are after. You are not wanting models at all nor top down cars.
You are talking about a 2D sprite car much like Outrun. Wow, I was really dense.

Still... with 3d models you can just bring them into Blender or whatever your choice of 3D modeling app is adjust the viewpoint as needed then render it out. Rotate the car as needed render it out. So I still think 3D models are probably your best bet.

The next time I want a break from my own stuff I may take a shot at making a low color sprite car Outrun style.
Just not sure if that will be in the next week or next year. lol

Of course, I am not an artist. Just a programmer that has some art skills developed over the decades of working on game projects.
Probably someone around here can knock out a very cool 3d behind the car sprite for you!

UPDATE: Okay, I needed a brain break so took a shot at making the car from the behind it perspective.
Of course, really the viewpoint should be moved up above the car somewhat. But this is a step in that direction anyway.
At least from behind the car there is more shape(s) to show so it a more interesting image overall. From directly overhead a vehicle is fairly plain. At least based on the reference images I used.

Maybe we can make it a community project and someone else will do the next camera adjustment to put the vehicle into the proper perspective.

I need to get back to work on my own project.

This is excellent! Good fun game. Great job!
You may have already used these not sure. For 3D models I like to use the dedicated 3d model search engines.

A couple that are good are:

3D Model Database

There are a ton of sites out there with 3D models including free stuff but using these search aggregators is a lot more efficient way to find stuff I think.

Hope some of this stuff helps!

@bigsofty that is a good way to go. Also many times these asset sellers have a website that sells the product or have them on generic 3rd party sites. There is a good amount of free stuff just on the Unity asset store and most people I think would just be happy to have a game use their work. That way they don't feel like it was a waste of time.
Hey haven't been around in a while because I ended up doing a Halloween game in MX.

Anyway... have you tried checking out any of the asset sites out there for things like Unity and other game dev kits?

Some might have licenses prohibiting use outside of that specific tool but most I think do not. I am sure on the Unity Asset store you can find a ton of good models and other content. And since I am not a "fan boy" of any one kit and just a fan of game dev in general I see nothing wrong with it.