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The ability to "Replace in files" (as opposed to "Find in files") would be really handy.


Second that.
Spent 15 minutes trying to find out how.

'Find / Replace in Open Files'
and / or ideally (so you don't have to remember what files use what variables!):
'Find / Replace in Project'
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In the future you can write your own IDE :)
I <3 DGArray's :D

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This function could be coded in GLBasic, that way you get it just the way you want it :-)

Kitty Hello

Do you get the files in a project in a macro? If not, I could add that. I just don't know how to iterate such a list. Anyone familiar with batch scripting?


Iterating a list in shell script is possible, I just can't say I understand the syntax for it :-) . It's no PHP foreach()... I had a try at it for the backup-script I posted a while back and got it working.

This seems like a good manual if someone wants to try it:


The IDE supports officially only windows