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Got to love the GLB community.  No, seriously.  Compared to some of the other forums I'm on (want to see some of the worst an online forum can offer, join an MMO community) this is a haven for (Mostly) Nice People (TM).  =D
Quote from: erico on 2012-Jul-14
Yep, and for example, we will never see mario on an open platform,
wanna play mario or zelda? You have to buy nintendo hardware.

So lot´s of IP and some studios are bound to hardware.
The solo existance of an open hardware will never be enough to dismount this.

What could be good, is for homebrew or small growing indie studios as it offers another market to help push things.
But heck, android? I hope they accept native code direct to their hardware.
Either way, if things go ok, we GLB users are in to gain I guess.
GLB currently support both native and android.

March 2013 is a long road...
Yeah, now that you mention it, Android really needs some new, imagination-catching, fun IP of their own.  Some amazing game that's only on Android.  Would be interesting to see what Apple responds with if that somehow happened (unlikely, but hey it's nice to dream). :)

I think the way to approach the Ouya is with a keen-eyed watchful interest and a healthy dose of skepticism. ie. keep an eye on its development but don't get your hopes up.  :good:
Generally I find the guys at Penny Arcade to be so arrogant and cocky that they sometimes seem to disappear up their own rear-end orifices (lets just say I'm not a fan and leave it at that), but in this case Kuchera does manage to raise some potentially valid doubts about the Ouya.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Jul-14
I have plans to use libSDL and SDL-mixer on all platforms one day. Then that will be perfectly possible.
Fantastic news mate!  No rush though, you've got plenty on your plate already.  :good:
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Mar-08
Xor? this one: ??
That was one great puzzle game!

Looks totally fab!
I had a version of that on the Atari ST (one of the few games our computer came with).  I _loved_ it.  Always wanted to do a remake myself.
Erico:  Thanks mate for that. :)

Matchy:  Hmm that Bootable Emulator led me to Notch's (guy behind Minecraft for those who dont know the name) new project which is an Elite-style sounding space game but taken to another level.  It contains (among other things) an in-game emulator for the DCPU-16 (actually isn't it a fictitious CPU designed by Notch himself?) that players will apparently be able to program (for real) that interfaces with their ship.

Erico, for a while now I've had something to say to you and that is this:  Where can I get a poster of your avatar.  =D
Very interesting.   :)  I don't remember the outcome, did anyone manage to get the Steam interface API to work with GLB?
According to what I just read you use (with something like NETWEBEND as BigAnd suggested I'm guessing):

Code (glbasic) Select


Code (glbasic) Select

Which supposedly prompts the user before making the call.
Actually what I was just thinking is I'd like to have seen the SFXR stuff added as built-in GLBasic commands -- just like the sound effect generator commands in 8-bit basic.  Thinking mostly of Locomotive BASIC of course, me being an Amstrad CPC fan and all. :)
GLBasic - en / Re: Q*Boyd
Congrats!  :good:
Interesting but total overkill for what I'm asking.  Still, I guess (if it could be added) it wouldn't be a bad thing for GLB.
music/sound / Sound buffers.
I'd really like some sort of access to sound buffers, or be able to make and mess with them like you can screen buffers (CREATESCREEN), but more with commands a bit like some of the file ones (READBYTE, READLONG etc.).  This is pretty essential for something I want to do that is along the lines of SFXR but in real-time (writing and reading temp files wont cut it) as part of a game idea.  To be honest theres lots of reasons why being able to mess with raw WAV data could be beneficial to GLB programmers -- for the same sort of reasons programmers want to be able to create and access screen buffers to mess with the screen.

I realise it depends on the sound library you are using, and it may not be terribly high priority given more recent events (such as your very unfortunate hard drive crash), but I'm hoping it might be possible one day.
I like the sound of this too. :)
Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
Very, very cool. :)