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Kitty Hello:
** EN
Since 2018-05-05, new users are only allowed to join and post at the forums, after a purchase. You will get the access code in the email with your registration code.
Background: 1) I have to pay for the servers and 2) the spam flood was immense.

** DE
Seit 2018-05-05 ist es neuen Benutzern nur gestattet sich im Forum anzumleden und zu schreiben, nach einem Kauf. Den Zugangscode (Forum Access Code) erhält man dann in der Registrierungs-E-Mail.
Begründung: 1) Ich muss für den Server bezahlen und 2) die Spam-Flut war immens.

Sounds fair enough.


It could be good option to give Steam buyers (at least those who wont) chance to use this forum. Steam community discussion forum (or whatever it's called) is good, but let me say it, this forum will be more active and users would get answered faster, specially as not everyone is looking at Steam so often.

Hi Dreamerman,

i post on the Steam-thread how to do it.
Also i think you do a great job here, to answer all the questions (Steam and Forum).
So i decided to give you the Global Moderator status! :)
Keep up the good work!


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