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Kitty Hello:
The attached library can load converted TTF fonts and render them in real time. This gives the option to dynamically scale fonts and use colours.
I've not done any performance tests on mobile devices, yet.

I also attached a tiny command line program that generates the font from your installed ttf files in windows.
Just run:
TTF-create.exe arial
and it will create an arial.glbvf file (GLBasic Vector Font).
Characters 33 to 255 are supported. The font must be available as C:\Windows\Fonts\****.ttf

Nice! Thanks Kitty! :good:
I´m sure going to give a go with it as soon as I finish current project.

Ian Price:
Thanks Gernot :)

Thank you Gernot. Very timely as I was current pondering how to support foreign fonts in my game. The answer, not easily. This should give me a decent option.  :good:

Thanks Gernot! Probably it's worth rewriting my font engine in my upcoming game.


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