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I Purchased - Where is my License Code?

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Kitty Hello:
unfortunately there has been problems with license keys in the past time. Usually you will be sent a license key within 48 hours from your payment time on. In most cases it's just an hour or so.
However, after 2 days there's something wrong. Please check spam filters to allow mails from
Check, if the email address you specified is correct - maybe there is a typo.
If there's more than 3 days from your order without a message, please come to this forum and post about it.

If you don't get a code within 15 minutes now, there's something wrong with your or my email server.
Once you got the payment response from PayPal or ShareIt, you definitely should have a license key.
If you can't log into the forum, you experience the same problem. Please use the web form to send a message, leaving an alternative email address to reply to you.


I placed order 182149485 on saturday night (26th Jan) but have not got my license code yet.

Kitty Hello:
Sorry, I was ill over the weekend.

I am sorry to hear that, I hope you are feeling better. I hope it wasn't self inflicted ;-)

I Purchased I have order number 276664765, but still I do not have the activation code. Sorry my english.


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