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Ian Price

I know webOS is dead but someone might know of a solution to a stupid problem.

I'm working on a dictionary app for someone with dyslexia and need to save a simple .txt file that can be accessed by a Windows pc when I plug the phone into it (to update the word/definition list).

Surprisingly saving .txt files using PLATFORMINFO$"DOCUMENTS" or "APPDATA" encrypts them and they can't be opened/used by external devices. The program spits out the .txt file on all other devices (including Android), but webOS hides it. It is created and I can access it via the program, but it's not visible outside of the "walled garden."

Has anybody come across this before and is there a solution that will allow reading of the file?
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Hmm i cant help at the moment but i have a idea
for solving this .
Create a webserver and get / put the file with
a browser from any other computer.
No cable needed.

I look inside webos thos night.


Ian can you tell me please on I can download the SDK for WebOS, I'm not sure if GLbasic needs, but in SHiva I need, I try to search but the links always are broken, you have any idea where I can download?¿ Thanks a lot.

Another point I now it's a dead platform but for a quick test I think it's the best platform, put the code into the phone it's really the best and easy platform we have, I comment because I don't like the Team remove this platform, but ok, I understand if you remove it          is becuase is beter for GLBasic.

Ian Price

Cheers SpaceFractal. A webserver isn't an option for my colleague, as he doesn't have internet access at home and will need to edit the file ad hoc. Cheers for any assistance though :)

@mentalthink: You don't need the SDK for webOS - GLB supplies everything. You might need to get the UniversalNovaCom drivers though. I'd also recommend QuickInstall too. I've attached both for you (the folder contains two NovaCom files - try the smaller Universal one first.

I love webOS too and it really is a shame that HP dropped it so quicly and it looks like GLB will too.
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hey, im diddent posted in this thread. But this could been a bug as well.
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Kitty Hello

Try the hardcoded path for the digi cam photos folder.

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Ian Price

Yeah, looks like I might have to do something like that Gernot.

The file structure of webOS is odd, with the "DOCUMENTS" folder being "Media/blah/blah" so where the DCIM folder will be is anyone's guess. I'll have a look and see if I can find the directory structure.

It's funny that this has not been noticed before - I've never had any problems saving and retrieving stuff in any of my webOS apps, but I've never needed to access the data externally before.

It's not a big deal, but it's interesting nonetheless.
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Thanks a lot Ian for waste your time for me... Yes was a very huge shame they do with the system, and another problem was we think the OS will come in another format... I'm not sure or perhaps a bit paranoic but I think some huge fabric put his hand for this device don't continues in the market, I read PAlPre sold more phones in 1 month than Apple  :'( :'(.. Again thanks Ian  :nw: :nw: