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After minutes (OK, months) of speculation the iPad 3 has finally been revealed/launched.

Many people still haven't covered their iPad 2 in fingerprints yet...
Announcements / Dino Defense
Here's an in-game image of my Dino Defense game. Decided against going the Plants vs Zombies route. It's now more like a platform based Tower Defense. It's going well so far. The cavemen are animated, but the dinos aren't yet. The game is actually playable, but lacking a lot.

All graphics and other elements are still very WIP and (c) me.

Hopefully I can get it done for the Pandora comp. I've still got so much to do and I've still not tested on a real Pandora yet. It could all end in tears.  :'(

[attachment deleted by admin]
Off Topic / Google down?
Is it just me or is google completely down? Gmail too.

Hacked? Maintenance? I wouldn't have thought the whole service would disappear. Have I got an anti-google virus?
IDE/Syntax / TYPE tracking
Would it be possible to add a colour highlight bar to the TYPE/ENDTYPE code, similar to that seen with FUNCTION code (where everything within that function is highlighted by the green bar on the left)?

See image below.

This would make it easier to find TYPEs (especially since they don't appear in the jumpbar "Jumps" list).

[attachment deleted by admin]
Looks like all trace of has gone this morning. Has Bob been playing again or has he literally been snowed under?

Incredibly simple game to annoy the relatives with :)

Merry Christmas to one and all.

[EDIT] Added direct link to my site now, as some had problems downloading from Retro Remakes. Sorry.
It looks like POLYVECTOR is causing Caanoo compilation to fail. The following example works fine on Windows, but fails to compile for Caanoo.

Code (glbasic) Select


  POLYVECTOR 200,100
  POLYVECTOR 200,200
  POLYVECTOR 100,200
  POLYVECTOR 100,100



Is POLYVECTOR not supported/broken for the Caanoo in v10.191? I did a search but couldn't find anything.
I've successfully compiled one of my old games (Drench) for the Caanoo without problem, however I'm now trying to compile Guru Logic Champs but get a compiler error -

Code (glbasic) Select

*** Configuration: CAANOO ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.10.104 SN:722cd5f9 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:2252 commands

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 33.3 sec. Time: 10:42
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

Does anyone know what "collect2: ld returned 1 exit status" means? The code compiles perfectly for Windows.

I'm using GLB v10.191 (didn't update this week due to the bug reports).


Deleting out old Windows based stuff and the game doesn't even state that error now, but still fails -
Code (glbasic) Select

*** Configuration: CAANOO ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.10.104 SN:722cd5f9 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:2204 commands
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 34.8 sec. Time: 11:18
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

Without even saying what the error is (or where the error might be), I can't even hazard a guess.

I'm drooling here. This is what Android was designed for - forget phones etc. :P
If you are a registered Palm/HP dev and still haven't got a TouchPad, then you could be in luck.

HP have restarted the Developer Device Program, releasing cheap TouchPads to registered devs only.
I've just received an unexpected error message when using data

QuoteC:\Users\Ian\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_tempg.cpp:99:9: invalid digit "9" in octal constant
C:\Users\Ian\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_tempg.cpp:109:9: invalid digit "8" in octal constant

This occurred because I used the value "08" and "09" (without quotes) in my data - this was to ensure that each line of data included the same number of datum.

// Level 1 data

DATA 00,00,01,02,02,02,02,03,00,00
DATA 00,01,06,99,99,99,99,07,03,00
DATA 01,06,99,99,99,99,99,99,07,03
DATA 06,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,07
DATA 99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99
DATA 99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99
DATA 99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99
DATA 99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99
DATA 14,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,15
DATA 09,14,99,99,99,99,99,99,15,11
DATA 08,09,14,99,99,99,99,15,11,00
DATA 08,08,09,10,10,10,10,11,00,00


Interestingly enough the numbers "00" - "07" are all fine. Replacing "08" and "09" with just plain "8" and  "9" didn't bring up the error at all.

Real two digit numbers "10" - "99" are not affected.

Not  the same old stuff again, I hear you all say -

Well, it's a bit Vicky Pollard (Little Britain) - "Yeah, But No, But Yeah, But..."

According to a post by AndyH over on RetroRemakes -

QuoteThe flash packager can do all this from windows, no mac or Xcode required. Not certain if you can sign your app without a developer account but it may be possible as you load it on the device with iTunes. The reason I mention it is because there's a lot of info and tutorials about it and it might shed light on how to do your testing without signing up as a developer.

Btw this turn around on apples policy happened last October, I only discovered this myself the other day too. Maybe Gernot would be allowed to make iOS binaries directly in windows now that adobe are allowed?

Would this now be possible Gernot?
I wasn't sure myself, but a tester stated that the touchscreen response on B'lox! for Veer doesn't appear to be as good. This confirmed my suspicions that all was not quite right.

What did you do to touchscreen support Gernot? Obviously it was buggered up in the beta before last and was fixed in the next update. Can you not put it back to the way it was before the borking?

Off Topic / Pixi support
QuoteI don't fear porting to small devices with a decend SDK. The port to Palm Pre was very easy.

Any chance of having a look at the Palm Pixi? I might even have a spare device (once I've sorted a few things).

Veer is working lovely though :) I've ported B'lox! to Veer, redesigning it from the ground up to fit the smaller screen. I've added a few extras too. I hoped that this would work on Pixi as it uses the same resolution, so I bought a couple to test (only £20 each). Unfortunately the app doesn't even open - when clicking on a GLB file, the icon enlarges and a halo around it just fades in and out.

So if nothing else my wife has a new phone...
Hi Gernot.

I just got this auto-rejection from HP -

Your App Has Been Rejected

We received the following submission on 2011-07-06 19:11:24:

Ken2X - MathDoku

One or more serious issues were found and your app was rejected. These issues were identified using an automated app scanner that is a new part of the app review process. If you feel any of these issues were found in error, please contact us at

Please review the list below, update your application and/or its metadata and submit the revision when you are ready.

The App Review Team

App Type Mismatch

Your application may have configuration errors that must be corrected. The application type specified in your appinfo.json file does not match with the application content in the package.

The following issues were found:

    appinfo.json: App is a PDK app

Non-public Library Linkage

Your application uses non-public libraries or restricted symbols. You can review the library policy at

The following issues were found:

    glbasic-webos-exe: app links to

Non-public API Usage

Your application may be using non-public APIs. Please remember that your application should only be using API's that are documented on the HP webOS Developer Center. You can review our application criteria here:

The following issues were found:

    glbasic-webos-exe: app calls dlopen
    glbasic-webos-exe: app calls dlsym

The app was created with v10.XX. I never had this problem with V9.XX

I've just upgraded my browser to FireFox 5 (having used FF for years) and noticed that the forum reply box (what I'm typing in right now) goes on forever!

Has anyone else noticed this? If you've just upgraded too, try it out. You can have hundreds of characters on a line without it carriage-returning, or being able to see what you're typing. Like now. I can't tell if there are spelling mistakes or errors, as this line is completely off of the screen and about a mile down the road.

I'm getting some strange results from the Pre touch sensor.

The sensor when swiped left should acts as though the ESC (KEY(1)) key has been pressed. Right swipe is the same as TAB (KEY(15)).

Try this code -

Code (glbasic) Select

LOCAL value, press, quit

WHILE quit=0

IF KEY(1) AND press=0
DEC value

IF KEY(15) AND press=0
INC value

IF press>0 THEN DEC press

PRINT "VALUE "+value,10,30



It does work. Kind of. The value does go up and down (depending on your swipe direction), but they are not instant or consistent  and sometimes require multiple swipes, or sometimes just keep counting (up or down). when you are not swiping or touching the sensor.

It's as if it takes a while for the touch sensor to register any swipes, then remembers the swipe value and keeps sending it back to the program.

Is there a better way of getting the actual results - in real-time, consistently?
I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but when you add your own .PNG to create an .EXE icon the .ICO file appears incorrectly. This same .ICO file is used at the top of any windowed app and looks wrong too.

I've attached an image of the .PNG and .ICO files from my current game (and title screenie). You can't see it, but the .PNG is has a transparent alpha colour surrounding the grid and pencil).

The white grid and transparent alpha colour appear black. The alpha colour isn't important, but the white in the actual image shouldn't turn black. As you can see the small icon in the game screenie displays incorrectly too.

[attachment deleted by admin]