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two years ago I develop this engine, starting from a python code that I adapted to GLBasic. I have several problems with collisions between the objects and need help from someone with more knowledge in this language.

The code is free, only make a mention of the work, writing in the credits Jose Miguel Yanez Martinez.

Best regards,
Jose Miguel


Can't get this to compile (yet). Will have a quick look as to why.

What problems have you been having with collision?

EDIT: Ok I got it to compile. Just a problem with TYPE declaration. In mio.bas I changed line 33 from "TYPE actor" to "TYPE actorit" and line 91 from "GLOBAL actor AS actor" to "GLOBAL actor AS actorit".

Nice looking engine. I noticed I can push objects with my player character in one direction but not the other. Is that an issue you were having? Also pushing an object until it reaches the boundary of the room goes into an infinite loop.


Yes, this is the issue that i've got. If the community contributed with the engine, we have a great isometric engine for GLBasic. In this moment i haven´t got time.
But this is a initial building to make a powerfull engine.

Best regards. :)


Are you still working on this?

Brick Redux

Could you break down the Z ordering of sprites into an easy to understand method for us here? Its obvious that IF Y! is greater than Y2 display Y! over Y2 but when using multiple sprites within a ARRAY it often becomes confusing. Do you wrap the ARRAYs order to suit the screen to keep everything in order?

Your offering here is pretty amazing, thank you josemym2. 
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Very interesting stuff. What a pity it has some serious issues (it crash for me quick). Wonder what the community will make with this code!