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Check the Sublime text 2 therad, also look into glbasic\compiler\platform there is the GPC, GCC and all the info you needed to compile to any platform. I think you need a linux version of the gcc binaries but that's all.

This post:
Screenshot from linux version.
Also I've updated the zip in the first post

Downloaded some of these today. Thank you!
I've needed to add big subset of glbasic header.rar and a #define LUA_USE_LINUX
Somebody please check this on linux:

Update: Somebody verified it"s works under linux!
you can add additional headers into the directory: include\linux
Add to the compiler options:
Code (glbasic) Select
-I"%PROJECT_PATH%\include\linux" -I"%PROJECT_PATH%\include"
These are mingw win32 headers from the glBasic header rar. But I have a lot of problems with them :(
Please sbody try to compile to various platforms and test it. iPhone, linux, MacOS are the main platforms i want to know if compatible

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This is my attempt to embed LUA into glBasic in a cross-platform cross-compile way.

Tested in Windows and Android.
Added only some of the LUA commands, and a little set of GLBasic commands for testing purposes.
I hope that one of you interested in and have enough knowledge (more than me) to fix and extend this little sample.

Download with source:
Install on Android:

Nope. But seems similar, maybe this is IMGUI too.
If you think this stuff is cool, then check out my LD48 entry. Unfinished, but there are some cool features in it, like the simple platform game physics
Somehow related and very interesting stuff:
Nice to hear. I have a feeling that nobody interested in my IMGUI or State Machine code, Which is a shame, 'cos these are really interesting stuffs and I'm disappointed a bit that there only few comments arrived about these.
Anyhow, I'm working on IMGUI ATM, making more modular, so you can use only the IMGUI.GBAS if you want, and then you get gui functionality with basic skin (already done). And then you can add imgui_white.gbas or imgui_wood.gbas and then you can acces these skins in your program like:
Code (glbasic) Select
s = imgui_initwhiteskin( ... ) //parameters specifies that you want color attributes ignored or not and so on)

Also I want a simple skineditor (you can configure some colors, and behavior), and a layout editor.
I'm a 2D guy :) How do you want to help me with graphics? All graphics made with DRAWRECT by code

Tapatalk 2-vel küldve az én GT-I9000-ről
IMGUI update!
I've fixed and added a lot of stuff, now, you can use it on Touchscreen as well (iPhone and Android tested).
Also take a look at this thread for a nice skin:

Or download as attachment

[attachment deleted by admin]