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Quote from: ipriceThat looks nice :)
Thank you!
About the background (the diagonal stripes), so i borrowed the idea from you :)
Here is my entry. It's a "platformer", jump-and-collect-coins-and-solve-little-logical-tasks type game . There are more layer scrolling with different speed.
No title screen, music and sound effects yet :(
Thanks a lot
Code (glbasic) Select

PRINT value,10,10


PRINT value,10,40


FUNCTION foo: val

How can I change a variable's value which i got as a parameter?
I tried your code: gcc freezed :D
You are right. drivers a little bit old. Strange because the machine freshly installed by the IT. I trusted them...
It's missing (to me too).
I use external files instead and READBYTE, READLONG etc...
Help says :
"You can also use png files. They use either RGB(255,0,128) for transparency or the alpha channel if it exists"
I thought it will be working all the platform
glBasic can't find the file if I use 'gfx\img.bmp' only if i use '/' like 'gfx/img.bmp'
This is only in my machine? I'm using Win XP pro
if you defining DIM outside from MAIN (I mean from an include gpas file or after some function) then you get strange compiler messages like '{' not expected in ...cpp and a message to please copy these errorcodes to the glBasic forums.
The preprocessor sould be fixed to prevent .cpp making if DIM defined in the wrong place
I forgot to mention, that if I use PNG without transparency, and the colorkey 255,0,128, then everything seems ok.
I'm using two monitor (extended desktop) with glBasic, sometimes when I run the glBasic generated .exe the system suddenly reboot :(
I think this is a multimonitor issue (I experienced the same with some old games in FULL SCREEN mode)
Bug Reports / Chr$(0)
string$=CHR$(100) + CHR$(0) + CHR$(101)

The result is CHR$(100) + CHR$(101)
The CHR$(0) do nothing, you can't put CHR$(0) into a string :(
If you use PNG aplha channel instead of the 255,0,128 colorkeycode, then the sprite background will be WHITE on PocketPC (even if you use alpha channel and colorkey together)
In PC it is ok.

(I mean full transparency not some fancy semi transparent and ALPHAMODE -999, you know, but I wonder if ALPHAMODE -999 and the PNG alphachanel will be work sometime also in PPC?)