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2D-snippets / Re: Very fast floodfill
« on: 2022-Jan-14 »
Very nice code, and may have other usage as well.
I tried to compare it with my basic FloodFill from path finding routines, and Your code is 2 times faster, so I will try to implement this algorithm in path finding in near time. One thing to check would be using full size array and omit DIMPUSH/DIMDEL, it could bring some minor speed improvement but I'm not sure, it's very good in current state.
And in general the algorithm it self is more that 4-5 times faster, just that Sprite2Mem & FastMem2Sprite take some additional time, but even with them it's really fast, and could be used for some special effects in retro project.
Btw. I remember that has also great articles about raycasting :)

Bug Reports / Re: win32-dll win64-dll ld error
« on: 2022-Jan-10 »
Any more specific info? Latest Steam version, demo or some older version?
Did that happen in standard IDE, or You tried to build app manually with command line/bat files, as in platform.ini for Win32 target those libraries are properly typed in link stage -> -lGLBasicWin32 -lCxImageWin32,
and such issue shouldn't appear. Can't say anything more as never encountered such problem without messing with custom compile/link gcc commands.

Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas!
« on: 2021-Dec-26 »
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  :booze:
Let it be better than the last ones.

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Dec-23 »
Quote from: SnooPI
Quote from: dreamerman
Nevertheless your Irrlicht wrapper works without problems
It's not just an Irrlicht Wrapper, it's SGE!  :rant:  :P
Sorry my bad :P I wanted to say that Your engine works great ;) Is 'SGEngine' is abbreviation from 'SnooPI Game/Graphics Engine'? :]

Quote from: dreamerman
keeping all core code behind curtain in SGE lib...
It meant that core code responsible for all things, works in back, just like in a proper game engine, so end-user doesn't bother messing with unnecessary stuff - has simplified task with ready to use simple functions :)

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Dec-22 »
Not sure how much to blame M$ and how much others like Intel, but from I discovered through digging in internet is that older iGPU's (most likely older graphic cards too) doesn't have proper Win10 drivers, they are using Win8.1 drivers with some tweaks/compatibility layer or whatever, that's why there are some issues - like not all hardware capabilities are exposed through those drivers - something is available/working ok in older Windows but not in >Win10, at least from what I found out/understand. It relates to both OpenGL and DirectX afaik, yet this may be wrong... I must admit that in some way I understand that, newer OS are for newer hardware so it can fully utilize it features and don't look behind (but it hurts :D)..

Nevertheless your Irrlicht wrapper works without problems, I checked all included examples, no visible issues found, all work with fluidity, mostly > 200fps (in windowed mode, beside BSP). The way You are doing this - keeping all core code behind curtain in SGE lib makes it really clear, simple to read and use, someone may be more familiar with this kind of scene management or have irr* background so would be easier for him to transit to GLB, another thing that some functions can be handy during prototyping phase.
Keep up good work, built-in some kind of physic will be interesting to see :-)

Happy Christmas! :)

Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« on: 2021-Dec-02 »
I didn't play with this trick, so can't say much, but I didn't see any file format restrictions in GLB source. Did You check ogg files for music? This shouldn't be OS specific so I doubt it rather something else, can You share any source code to check this?

Steam version contains also standard executable that doesn't require Steam to run in background, this is that file: "...\Steam\steamapps\common\GLBasic_SDK\EditorE.exe" ;)
Ah so there is no option to run x86 Windows in such virtualization machine? I didn't touch them in a long time, but they were specially handy in running some old Win95 games :D

Edit: and of course you can use Steam version normally and just run GLB apps directly - not from editor and see if flickering still appears.

Announcements / Re: Manic Miner GLB
« on: 2021-Nov-29 »
Nice retro project, looking at this I really feel old vibes but don't get me wrong I'm glad that those times are gone :D consoles were better with hardware sprites, palette switching and so on, best 2D for computers were later during Amiga 500+ and competing Atari times. But from technical aspect looks that it's faithful to the original.
I hope that there is no copyright restrictions on such old thing, as you could put it on even as free project to get more feedback. If you are working on something else don't hesitate to share on forum ;]

Your site is down, but checked demo attached in first post, nice old school gameplay there :]
I went to see source, and wow, more than 100 files, looks that You have separate file for every enemy type, game mechanic and so on, interesting, I prefer to have for example one file for all AI, but whatever suits you, specially that code is nicely structured and formatted, despite using DrawAnim it isn't demanding like many other small indie games (GLB power). Played 3 levels, sun can be annoying, there are some hit box/collision problems in this version (sun hit me even when crouching and he is 2 tiles away), level 3 is crazy but funny :D
Most notable suggestions is give option to change video resolution - even basic 2x/3x scaler or something would be nice, and give option to use WASD keys to move, as arrows aren't always best for this - laptops.
Don't forget to upload newer version and share changes, but what's most important put this game on ;)
btw. nicely animated fox.

Windows 11 has some issues so I would not use it for such thing for moment, Win 10 would be better imho. I don't know what gpu configuration options Parrarel has, so hard to say, as generally driver issues can be really tricky.
One thing that I can advise is running standalone GLB version (both editor and compiled projects) - not launching it from Steam, as  Steam attaches overlay for everything, this also can cause some problems even if it's not properly displayed.
Sadly Apple restricted new iOS/MacOS apps to use Metal API, I'm curious if currently OpenGL apps could be compiled to MacOS as Steam is available there so can be used to distribute games on this platform. HTML5 target is also a solution if it handles all GLB functions properly. Please update this topic if you found anything new, specially related to M1 macs, as this architecture change will evolve in future, on PC market we are years before any ARM revolution, but node shrinking and new technologies still will give nice improvements.

3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2021-Nov-29 »
Very nice, clean coding and well structured. Looks very easy to use. Checked several things, they are working without issues even on iGPU.
I have some tech questions, as always :D I'm curious, as Irrlicht could use several render API's (OGL, DX, software), You most likely are using OpenGL, are you creating another OGL context or using that already made by GLB? Does Irrlicht have now something more advanced than basic collision detection? (years ago they wanted to include some physic lib like Newton or Bullet if I remember correctly).
Such engine gives much more opportunities for more advanced 3d from start, so it gives some nice possibilities, one thing that is how portable this will be, for moment GLB main platform is Windows, but what about Linux (most likely should be simple and just use other headers), HTML5 (this may be tricky). Still current state of Proton and x86 emulation on MacOS can mitigate possible problems with this. Really nice to have another rendering back-end, even If now I would use it just for testing some things.

Thing about motivation, yeah, specially for larger project where so many things need to be done it sometimes hard, but I'm glad that you found perseverance to finish this ;)

Sadly to hear that, Covid hit us hard, I hope that all goes for the best for You :good: But back to topic.
I wasn't aware that so many countries doesn't have agreements with USA about avoiding double taxation, in this situation it really could be better to publish there using someone help (from country having lower tax), as Steam gives such option as I understand, your account would have restricted access to that particular project, and would be able to see all Steamworks/financial info. Still for such small games best idea would be to bundle them into 3-in-1 pack or something, fast, small pixel arcade games pack or whatever. If they would have such fancy 3D effect like SnooPI was talking about, they would have much higher chance to earn something.

Checked that zx game project, looks nice, and well documented in that forum thread, you nicely describe every step of working on it. btw. thanks for mentioning that MPAGD tool, I know someone that will be interested in it :)

Wasn't aware of OpenMP, very handy for splitting huge calculations from one loop to multiple cores without bothering to much, could use that in something else.
Yeah I know parallel threads are tricky, specially for such things that are shared by different threads, good design will be crucial to get it working properly and efficiently, this is some kid of final goal, most likely at start I will stick with single thread for some time (do most game logic to get working demo or something), but MT would be final goal. Do you still have this example project with lib somewhere?

Bumping, attachment isn't available :-(
As this is old post from few years back, and we got some core changes, like GCC behind GLB was updated, new platforms, and something regarding this topic could change as well in that time. So my question is: what's the current best multi-platform way of doing multi-threaded app with GLB - that would work for Win/Linux and Android. This lib, C++ inline with <threads> or SDL_threads.
And a general question, any one used threads in GLB in final/released product, or have additional examples (to just bundle it all up), is aware of any special restrictions, or have hints and tips for using multi-threading in GLB? I know that core drawing/media functions needs to be used in main thread only, my additional threads would do pure calculation stuff like pathfinding/collision checking (with use of Timer/Sleep functions and etc).

Erico I always liked Your art style, those pixel chickens are really superb :D Great use of limited size/palette and animation frames.
Different backgrounds/level layouts are always welcome to give some variety in gameplay.

Talking about monetization aspect, can always give some income, but on Steam there is so many games now, and it's just hard to get noticed with small games that doesn't have some special feature. Such 3d voxel like graphic could be the thing that would make it more interesting visually for streamers that play small party/versus games. Or maybe have two rendering modes 2d and 3d with option to switch with one key, but that's something to consider after dealing with all core stuff.

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