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GLBasic v16 STEAM-VERSION out now!

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Now it's time for the next step of GLBasic!

GLBasic v16 hit the Steam-Market right now.
And thats not all:

Gernot decided to give the lowered price (from ~70€ to ~42€) a -50% discount!
You can get the Steamversion for 20.99€ right now (till 14th of January)


perhaps a silly question, but what exactly is the advantage of the Steam version?
Or is it just because this is the way GLBasic is developed further?

For those who already have it out of steam, could they have a steam key, how it's often made when a product is out on steam after a release out of it ?

I asked Kitty directly some days ago.No answer till now.

It would make sense so we can post positive reviews from seasoned devs.
I made a post on twitter about the release.

hopefully get lots of retweets if i leave it at top for a week ;0)


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