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Kitty Hello:

I'm presenting you v15 - codename "Unicorn" (because unicorns sell!).

After some nights of coding and I present you a new version of the SDK. Mainly the debugging was improved, but also KEYWAIT and other issues were fixed.
I wanted to implemet serializtion for types, but it was a bit too much work for now.

Usually, I wanted to have an upgrade fee for this version, since the web-server costs are currently not covered by the GLBasic sells. But I gave up this idea, because it would be too complicted to implement. Maybe some day later.
But if anyone likes the new debugger and wants to donate some upgrade fees, I'm going to say "thank you"  <3.

You can find a link for the donate button on:

Ian Price:
Nice one Gernot :)

Does the KEYWAIT issue affect INKEY$ too? There appear to be problems with that in the last verson of GLB.


How about the source? Then I'm can compile it to Android and ios.

Also for macosx we need to update it to using 64bit now. Since 32bit will get removed, property next year.

Here im should try the same idea by doing a xcode project in same thing I'm did for ios.

Do you  consider to release this to Steam Direct (no more green light required, it's now costs 100$ and you get it back after a 1000$ sale). Then all downloads would been on thier server and updates is easy when first its have been setup (which does take some time). Here im thinking prices could have been per platform as dlc. Etc glbasic as free, but pay per platform. Its would even been easier for me for Android and iOS versions and download updates would been much smaller (only changes is updated).

Just idea. I'm could also host some of the downloads as well (example extractly ios and android versions), and give you a ftp account. I'm don't use much bandwidth on my server anyway, so im will happy too donate some bandwidth instead.

Pm me.

PS. For Me steam has been the best platform for me hand have outsold much more than iOS and Android versions (They mostly like Genius Greedy Mouse).

A bit late to the party...

Great work Gernot! Long Highland live GLBasic!
Will get the donation going in a couple days at most.

Updates are always welcome.. Improved debugging is nice, yet it has problems, with bigger projects (like 8 source files) after pausing it show error "Out of memory" and doesn't show any variable info. Also I have question, that variable watching is something internal to GLB, or other external debugger can be used to track variable values?


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