No basic development for phones?

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Heh the typical rantings of people who got a C# Hello world program to compile once. After taking 3 days on it. Honestly you would think it was still 1983 and we all still had zx spectrums and really assembly was the only way to go...

I like how they pretty much cast off Basic programmers as retards. That's just a massive population of vb programmers then. Honestly I don't have the time for such morons.

I'll just cry about the fact that essentially one version of basic or another has kept me in a job for 16 years, paid for my flat in Cyprus, got me married and onto a second house, plus all the extras such as gadgets and (very fast) sports car. But if only it had all been in a version of C. I could have been so much more smug...

Oh and I hope everyone had a great Xmas!

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Ultimately the point is who cares what language an application, game, utility, command line tool is written in so long as it does the job! I hate elitist attitudes to anything,  it stifles creativity and intellectual endeavour. If we had to conform to Newtonian laws imposed by the greatest academic minds of the 20th century then we would not have had Einsteins theory of relativity nor Eddingtons proof.

Bah Humbug to them :D

Heya Gernot post a link to you reply in the discussion please I'd like to read it and the responses :D :D :D |

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