Best Android for GLBasic?

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There can be too much to choose from. What is the best Android regarding compatibility with GLBasic? 2D/3D?


I´m using an Archos G9 101 tablet, and It works good with glbasic (2d, but have not tested 3d yet). Only problem is, that after installing an apk the first start is very slow (takes about 20-30 seconds), but then everything is working fine.


Well I was going to sugest the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.... Beautifull machine, and runs at a very decent speed (5 to 10 times fasterer than my Pandora ;) ) .... but im working on something in 3D and thought Id see how that looks ...and Oh dear ;( the green component seems to have gone astray with 3D objects ;( (Im guessing this is a minor GLB bug and as soon as its mentioned to Gernot he`ll jump on it like a cheap whore in order to fix this )

Kitty Hello

Get an HP Touchpad XD