UCASE and International chars

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Can't believe I didn't see this until now but UCASE and LCASE does not handle international characters. Any chance of a fix or should I do it myself? :-)

Kitty Hello

Oh - you mean... â and é ?
I think I need a list of characters you want upper/lowercase enabled.


You do it the same way as the rest of the alphabet. The last 64 characters (almost all of them) you just add 32 to make lower case, remove 32 to make upper case. Take a look in DiNGSFont and you will see what I mean.

Should be this range for the international characters that has upper/lower case
0xC0 - 0xDF = Upper case
0xE0 - 0xFF = Lower case

I'm not sure about 0xD7/0xF7 and 0xDF/0xFF (that german sharp S or whatever :-)


Doesn't strupr work with international character sets?