Right Mouse Button in HTML5 compiled programs?

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Hey all,

I really would like to compile my games for Html5, but it seems that the right mouse button is not working. Please would it be possible to hotfix this? Or is there maybe another way to get the rmb beside of mousestate?



Most likely you will need to wait until KittyHello or Spacefractal will fix this along with that volume issue that you mentioned in other topic. As temporary workaround you could use something like LMB hold delay, so if user holds LMB for like 200ms it has different behavior than normal click that sets 0/1.
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Couldn't it be the older version of emscripten (1.39.20)?


Im have not touched the html5 part, which meant im cant or wont fix it issue. This is up to Gernot. Emscripten does seens to support 5 mouse buttons. Not all devices would of course could support right click (touch screen devices has no use of them).

PS. Im will move it to the bug section as its mightbeen such this. Hope its ok.
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