Binary Madness (almost finished Beta Version)

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It´s 5:36 in the morning and finally I managed it to upload a almost finished version of at least one of all the games i started to work on recently...

It´s a binary puzzle game also known as Binario, Tazuko or Binary Sudoku.
The game is almost finished, just have to polish it a bit, maybe add some different styles and probably add a 12x12 grid later.

Would be great if you could have a look. I compiled it for HTML5, so you can play it in Browser on Itch.Io. No Download needed.

Thanks for your Attention  :booze:


Nice one!

A few notes/ideas:

1. Please tell me when I failed after filling the whole board with the wrong input :-)

2. Would be nice with a way of clearing the value again for the thinking process.

3. A different color for temporary memory help.

4. Left mouse button for 1, right button for 0 or clear the field?

Kitty Hello

the rules say, two 1s next to another are not allowed, but it starts with a white 1-1? I don't get it, but hey, it plays great. can you write, how you put this on


hey, thank you both for your feedback.

@ Moru: Thank you very much for testing. I will add some of the features you have mentioned in the next version. Unfortunately the right mouse button does not work in browser, so I have to think about another solution. Clearing the field and showing errors would be indeed nice to have here.

@ Kitty: The rules say: not MORE than 2 ones or seros immediately next or below! You can have 2, but never 3!

At first I needed to learn how to write this in order that it works later in browser. When it works in browser, I just rename the html in index.html, zip everything and upload it on Here I have some settings for playing it in browser direktly. Thats it.


Great little puzzler, not a concept Ive seen before.

I agree with what the the other have said, a little more feedback when things are not going your way would be nice.

Other than that, some number animations and possibly some particle FX be the cherry on the cake.

Otherwise very well done Svenart!  :good:


"It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC.  As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration."
(E. W. Dijkstra)


I have now uploaded a quick video showing the game, and also a first update of the game itself.

- You can now remove placed 0 or 1 with one more click.
- After a puzzle is solved, one click anywhere starts new game directly.
- If a puzzle is solved incorrect, a textmessage will remind you.
- help has been improved and will show incorrect placed 1 or 0. (and will not crash game anymore)
- started to animate the 1 and 0 sprites.

Thank you Bigsofty for your feedback. I already started with animating the 0 and 1 elements. About particles.... It´s a very long time ago I coded some particles last time and If I remember correct it was in Blitz3d so it was kinda easy... But I will think about it, you always can need some particles :D



@svenart Nice looking game well done! Great to see an html5 release too, inspiraton for me to work on something using the compiler.

Ian Price

That's really nice (I've always enjoyed this puzzle game in newspapers etc.). I see you've sorted out the puzzle creation speed problems.

Well done :)
I came. I saw. I played.


I'm not great at puzzle games and had never seen this kind before.
It took me a while to get my head into it but I actually found it interesting and quite challenging.
For some reason it started to remind me of a Rubik's Cube  =D

This game is extremely well done!
The presentation is excellent.
The rules seem simple but in practice they make it very challenging to complete the board.

Well done! :booze:

:offtopic: It's awesome this game is made in GLBasic and the language now supports building for the web! :)


Nice graphical design, I like the effect of numbers appearing row by row. Even that concept is simple it can be challenging.
Only one suggestion - after solving puzzle the pop-up info should stay a bit longer - at least for me it disappears to fast. Generally good job, and nice to see more GLB games ;)
For small game it's a solid entry, if you would like to make it something more or put it on Steam there are a plenty of features that could be added - maybe undo, counter for '1' in each row/column, un-active blocks, regions that aren't counted to global '1' summary, tiles/blocks that have negative value, or are changing the rules in particular row/column, all that would allow to create much larger levels with different feeling.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Thank you all again for your replies.

Meanwhile I have uploaded the V1.0 Version of Itch.Io for download or play in browser.

You can now play the game in 12x12 mode, it has different backgrounds, no identical levels, all levels are now solvable without help and much more.

@ Dreamerman: Uploading games on steam would be great, but my games are free and as far as I know I have to pay a 100$ fee for every game that I upload on steam. But I´m definately considering to do this step maybe soon with other games or a bundle of games maybe. Your Idea of a negative value is crazy :D I will have to think about this. Maybe in an extra mode. Thank you

@ Ian Price: Thanks. I was able to make the generation of the puzzles 50 times faster. However, while the 8x8 and 10x10 generation only takes 1 second, the 12x12 generation takes 5-10 MINUTES for one puzzle! LOL... So I had to pregenerate and then save the levels. But hey, It works :D