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thank you. The drawing is made very simple. When mouse pressed, program will draw one brush and then make a screenshot and use this as background. You can only draw lines if you draw slow. If you draw too fast you only get a row of brushes.

Flarebrush is a simple paintprogram for android, maybe interesting for kids or preteenagers, or people who like flares and glowing brushes. You can choose between 16 brushes in 7 colors (8. color comes later), change brushsize, use colorcycling, x or xy mirror, load, save and play your drawings.
Flarebrush is working on tablets and smartphones with a min. resolution of 400 pixel vertical. But its better working with tablets or big smartphones with pen.

This version is almost ready, but there are still a couple of things to do. The 8. color is missing at the moment, also you cant use a few buttons in the main menue.

Please feel free to let me know what you think, if you have critics, ideas or suggestions. Every critic is welcome.

here the link:

btw... Does someone know, how I can save images with glbasic on an android device, so everyone can later find them and open? At the moment you can only save and load inside the program, but I cannot find the files in my filebrowser.

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wich archos model do you have? I own a archos g9 101 (single core). Its not very fast, but far away from slow I think.

Is it possible to create live wallpapers for android with glbasic?

If so, is there a tutorial or a link explaining this?

I´m currently trying to use FORCEFEEDBACK to make my android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy ACE) vibrate.

I tried FORCEFEEDBACK 0, 100, -1, 1 as well as FORCEFEEDBACK 1, 100, 1, -1 and some other combinations, but it seems to have no effect.

Can anyone confirm this or tell me how to make it work?
hey wampus,

I have meanwhile tested the beta also on my samsung galaxy ace and archos g9 101 tablet. The game is running at acceptable speed on both, no problems at all.

I think on this both devices it´s a little bit more funny than on pc and also the graphics looks somehow "better". All the fishes are pretty nice.

a few questions/test results

- I played the game for about 10-20 minutes to reach highscore, but I was not able to enter my name. Is this a bug or normal?
- When I press pause and then will continue, the music is not running anymore.
- How have you made this wobbling background? The effect is very nice as well as the rising bubbles.
btw. you have forgot to add a link to the final game in the "android marketplace" thread here in glbasic forums.

I also checked your website/blog and have seen the "Shadow of the beast" demo... great  :booze:
thank you very much for the info.

But I still dont know HOW to retrieve multitouch. For singletouch I just use the mousepointer, but how can I retrieve more than just one position?

I searched for this in the forums, but was not able to find anything.

Is it possible to use the android sensors (compass, display rotation ect.) with glbasic?
Is multitouch possible with glbasic and android?

Are there tutorials or examples for this?
I have tested the windows version.

The game runs good, is playable and makes fun. Using fishes instead of gems is a nice idea.  I also like the bouncing text stuff and most of the fishes. Respect for this.

The music, sound and the graphics are acceptable, but I think the graphics could need some improvements (main menue, game menue, maybe backgrounds). Also I think the windows version is a little bit too small.

All in all I think this game is worth to finish it and (If you have planned to sell it) you should be able to earn some money with it.

Well done
I´m using an Archos G9 101 tablet, and It works good with glbasic (2d, but have not tested 3d yet). Only problem is, that after installing an apk the first start is very slow (takes about 20-30 seconds), but then everything is working fine.
Wow... that really low... what smartphone/tablet have you used? Can you try the new demo please and tell me the fps? If the new one is still running slow you can change graphics in the optionsmenue.
I have now updated the demo that It should run on much more different resolutions and also on smartphones. Also I added a menue, bombs to pickup (activate with double tap), iron meteors (cant destroy them), and a few other things.

The game should run faster now. If it is still slow running, you can set the graphics to "low" or "medium" in the options menue.

here the new link:
I tried another mp3 2 ogg converter and now the music is playing on android. However, sometimes when I start the program now, the whole sound+music has changed to "garbage-noise"... Maybe every 5-10 times.

I will try your apptimer very soon, thanks for the tip

With bucker I mean that the scrolling is almost soft, but every 1-2 seconds it stops very shortly. In other words, it´s stammering.
hello minion

What device are you using and wich resolution has your device? On tablets it is running well, but on smartphones I have problems with the resolutions. EVen if a smartphone has good resolution the game will be displayed in much smaller resolution.

for example, I testes with a samsung galaxy note (1280x800) but it run only on 640x400

I already have found a solution to fix it, but that will take a little bit time.

thanks for testing:)


I´m working on a couple of small Games for android devices. It´s almost working great but I have a few questions at this moment:

1. On my archos g9 101 It seems that the volume buttons are blocked. Is there a way to unblock them?
2. I tried to use mp3 and ogg files on android, but both dont work. I readed that it is possible to use ogg, but how?
3. When I use limitfps, my android device is sometimes ignoring it, is there another method to limit fps precisely?
4. When using a scrolling background, I sometimes have small buckers. Are there a few tricks maybe to force soft scrolling?

btw.. you can test my actual game here (for android tablets):