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Hey everybody.

As the title says already, I´m currently downloading the new glbasic version from steam. Also I want to buy the html5 compiler probably.

It seems that a long time has gone since my last update and I dont want to miss anything important. So I wanted to ask what are the most important changes, new features, speed improvements ect since Version 10.2?

Also I would like to buy the html5 compiler. Is it easy to use? Just want to use it with 2d games, no 3d.

thanks for your attention  :booze:

thank you all for your answers. My generator needed around 300-000 and 2.million attempts to randomly create a binary puzzle, but when I generate for 12x12 instead of 8x8 it takes like 100 times longer (minutes). Meanwhile I have updated the program and it is working much faster. However, after I realised that i need not only a grid of 0 and 1 that is working, but also it must be ensured that the player can solve it (depending on what fields are visible at the beginning). i really lost any hope for the moment to solve this problem. Thank you all again!
Hey everyone.

I´m working on a Binary puzzlegame and the puzzles are generated. Generating a puzzle at a playfield of 6x6 squares takes only 1-2 seconds or less.
But when I generate at 8x8 squares, It takes 20-30 seconds, which is a nogo  :'(

So I´m asking if there is generally a way to speedup mathematical operations.
Are there any tricks, or slow commands I should stay away from?
Should I use more integer variables to speed it up ?
Should I use repeat/until instead of while/wend?
Is there someting faster than mod command maybe?
Anything else I should be aware of?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Congratulations. That looks all pretty nice. I specially like this pipe puzzle game. I started yesterday myself to create another puzzle game in glbasic (love them) and had to decide between binary puzzle and pipe puzzle :D I choosed the binary, but soon I will also do a pipe puzzle just for fun.. One question: Dont you have to pay money to get your games on steam? Are you uploading on Itch.Io as well?

Ich würde gerne in meinen GLBasic programmen ein paar videos in Vollbild abspielen. Wichtig dabei ist, daß die videos überall abgespielt werden können, egal welche codecs der user installiert hat. Ausserdem sollte es auch auf android laufen.

Ich habe einige test gemacht, aber wenn überhaupt, laufen die videos nur im Window mode. Im Vollbild mode seh ich nix, hör nur den sound vom video-

Fürs Video editing nehm ich normalerweise DaVinci Resolve. Kann mir jemand n Tip geben welchen Format und welcher Codec sich hier eignen?

meine glbasic version: GLBasic IDE, Version: 10.283
Compilieren für android bin ich auch grade wieder am versuchen (allerdings mit der alten version, nicht steam). Habs schonmal geschafft aber Jahre her mit altem rechner.
thank you erico!
@ Dreamerman

thanks again. I have already added a fullscreen switch button and changed limitfps to 60 and it seems that there is no black frame anymore. Also the mouseselecting is better/faster now. I hope I can upload an updated demoversion maybe in the next 1-2 weeks.

I´m unsure right now about the french and spanish language. I think you are right, if i offer this languages to play, I should add the relevant alphabet for this country with all special letters. I will think about this.

I have one Question: I would love to add a online highscore which could be stored on my webserver. But I have 0 experience in this "field" of programming (network/internet stuff). Is it hard to do? Do you know some examples or tutorials or have a hint for me where to start this?
thank you both for your feedback!

@ dreamerman:

Thanks for pointing that out (black frame). Indeed, I´m using limitfps 40. I will try to set it to 60 and test it again, thanks. I also think I will add a fullscreen option, even if this game was not really planned to be played in fullscreen. Maybe a setup exe or inside the game, don´t know yet.
I know about the shoebox but to be honest, never used it until now. I will try it out.
Yes, I´m indeed thinking about a few different modes, but could not decide right now. Maybe a beginner and an advanced mode. or a 50level campaign... not sure..

I would like to ask you 2 things:
Have you played the game in English or other language?
Did you think it was too easy, or too difficult (to find more than 2 letter words), or balanced?
Hey everyone,

I´m considering to buy the html5 compiler on steam in order to make my games able to be played in a browser.

However, in the description is written that it is only working with the glbasic version ON Steam.

I don´t have the Steam version of Gl Basic. I bought GlBasic years ago before it was available on steam.

So my question is, does the html5 compiler works also with old glbasic versions or only with Steam Versions?


Lingooh! is a Word Find Puzzle game for Windows Pc´s.
You can select between 5 languages to play (English, German, French, Spanish and Latin).
The goal is to find as much words as possible in 5minutes. For every word found you get a time bonus.
A first playable demo is available for free download on
If you want to test it, I would love to recieve some feeback. :booze:
thank you all for your feedback. Originally I planned to create this game for tablets and smartphones. But now I modified it to run on pc´s, thats why there is such a big border. Don´t know what to do about this right now, But I will find a solution. swapping x and y is maybe a good idea, thanks.

Currently the game has about 50 levels and a good player will only need 3-4 hours to play through it so I will have to add some extra playtime for sure...
Hey everyone. A few days ago I found all this half-finished Gameprojects I started between 2011-2015, and decided to continue working on them. Here a first video of one of the Games called "Crownjewels". It´s around 90% finished now, and I hope to release the game in the next few weeks/months (no hurry).

Hope you will like it, Feedback is very welcome.


A few days ago I have finished the first version of my very first glbasic app called "Flarebrush".

However, I have accidently uploaded the apk without signing it. While waiting for googleplay to check the files, i found out here in the forum that i have to sign an app before uploading.

But now it seems, surprise...  that googleplay has accepted the app.

The only problem now seems to be the "com.redpixelgames" in the link.  Can I just open the apk, change the text and upload again?

Or is uploading an app without signing somehow a problem? Please let me know what you think.



I´m working on a couple of games for android. At the moment, all games are running in the native devices resolution. For example: on my samsung galaxy ace the games run at 320x480, on my archos g9 tablet the games run at 1280x800.

So far so good, I had a few speed problems, but I thought I can handle it.

But now I have buyed a Sony xperia T today, with dualcore and 1280x720 display. I was hoping that my games will now run faster, because my other 2 devices are really slow and old.

But on the sony xperia everything is terrible slow, and I have the feeling this is because of the higher resolution.

So I´m thinking now about to use a minimum resolution of 320x240 or something similar and force the device to use this resolution or stretch it so it can be fullscreen.

However, I really have no idea how to do that.

Please let me know if you know a solution or if you have a hint for me