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Yes, there's only the option to change the font size. But there might be alternative fonts to use, that suit your eyes better? We're getting old, eh? :) I need new glasses every two years, myself.
This is so awesome. When you want to "flood fill" a polygonal area, search the forum for "Delaunay". It's a triangulation method for polygons. Maybe that helps? For convex polygons, "ear clipping" is the algorithm you want. GPT is likely to provide code for you.
inline C++ is fully supported in HTML5. If you have the source for libraries, they might work, propably, too.
Can't reproduce it. :|
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
It did write a complete game of Pong!? That's so insane.
Leeres Projekt geht auch nicht? Tipp mal PR und dann Ctrl+Space. Sehr seltsam.
Might be a graphics driver setting that forces vsync to be off by default? I'm not messing with that setting in OpenGL.
Oh. I'll take a look at this one. Sorry.
If you have a fixed resolution, take a look at the command PRESCALER?
Very good. It is much better than mine.
Bug Reports / Re: X_PRINT
I think the kerning is not implemented. yet? Maybe?
ProCurve. Awesome. thank you. I made that the default.
Also, I chose JQuery to only use local sources (no need calling gooogle, aye?)
Announcements / Forum Update
I hope everything is working. Does anyone need a tapatalk plugin? I hope I can get rid of it.
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
I think it's a good addition to the manual. But it's never going to create a game. Especially if you have a new idea.