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Test your memory with this wild 'Simon' style game for webOS! Simple but challenging: Repeat the sequences and sounds in the correct order. Great for both children and adults - the ultimate brain test! - Awesome graphics - 3 sets of sounds: Wild, Drums and Mixed

Platforms:  Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Veer, Palm Pre2, HP Pre3
Price: $0.99
App Catalog:
Game Publisher: Tagoror Networks

Ian Price


suQo is the masterful missing link between KenKen & Sudoku. Placing only the numbers one to nine in a 3x3 grid, you have to ensure that you meet both the grid and colour targets. Not as deep as KenKen or as shallow as Sudoku, the game encourages you to use your brain to evaluate and solve the puzzle in two different ways.


Platforms: Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2, Palm Pre 3, HP TouchPad
Price: $.99
App Catalog:
Game Publisher: Ian Price
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Price: 0.99$ and going up!

Do you like Digital Photo Frames? Your device has some native applications that will display photos as a Digital Photo Frame (DPF), but they are very limited.

With DPF you can display all your photos in a very convenient way, randomly; but if you like one of a set, you can browse the photos easily with just a touch on the screen.

DPF will find your photos in the main memory (/photos), camera and Facebook (FB not yet on webos2).

We are so excited about our new app that we can not wait to share it with you anymore.

Download it while it is in promotion price (it will be more expensive later!), and you will get new updates with the upcoming options, as Flickr, Albums management and everything you can think!

It has no settings (easy start!) and photos are displayed with fade, pan and movement; a date&time clock, random order, navigate with finger touch...

Just launch, forget and go.

Setup: just create a folder on your device called "photos" (in lowercase!). Drop into this folder all your photos. That's all.

It is recomended to downscale your photos to 1024x768 pixels. They will take less space and memory and will load faster. And almost no quality losses.

Upcoming: FlickR and Picassa, pinch for Zoom, device tilt, customizable clock, music, weather, albums...

Please, copy your photos as separate folders inside /photos folder so they will be used as albums in next versions. So, you should have a directory structure like this on your phone:

  /Christmas 2010/
  /Summer 2011

Ideas? Problems? Email us!

-Now it reads any image size photos
-Reading from camera roll
-Removed PNG file read

-Optimized processor and battery use
-Faster initialization (10 secs for 5000 photos here)
-Nicer clock!
-Exhibition compatible!

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Ian Price

Puzzled - Christmas

Get into the Yuletide spirit with the game that Christmas was (possibly) invented for!

Whoever heard of a jigsaw puzzle that contained bombs, Brussels sprouts & other traditional Christmas trimmings? Who knew that Christmas could even be enjoyable without any wrapping paper? Puzzled: Christmas brings you all of this and much more, without the mess, the Queen's speech, the awful Christmas cracker jokes or the drunken family sing-alongs! You do still get to enjoy the delights of updated Christmas carols though.

Puzzled: Christmas is not one of those sliding block games of old, where you just move a space around to form a picture. Instead it offers a deeper, fun-filled challenge as you manipulate the puzzle pieces, attempting to beat the clock and avoid the bombs all the while trying to combine items to make your Christmas that much more special.

Have yourself a very Merry time with Puzzled: Christmas

Platforms: Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2, Palm Pre 3, HP TouchPad
Price: $.99
App Catalog:
Game Publisher: Ian Price
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

Name : G.A.C.K. - Gaming App Construction Kit
Price : EUR 4.99


G.A.C.K. (gaming app construction kit) is an App where you create games without any programming knowledge. Ranging from shoot-em up games to jump&run games - it's all possible. And all this is done with an easy to use touch-user interface. This is where developing is the real fun.

The dream of your own game has come into reach. Best of all, the interface is as easy to use as building with LEGO(c). Thus, even the kids can independently tinker on games.

With this full version you can convert your games into real Apps and sell them on the iOS, WebOS and Android markets!


Name : Snake Revolutions
Price : 0.99 EUR
Device : Touchpad, Pre (1/2/3)

Do you remember Snake? Do you also remember it was a bit limited by being a bit slow to build up, and you could only turn sharply?

Not so with Snake Revolutions. It speeds along and will give you all that Snake retro goodness you used to love and spin it around. Literally! Turn your device (or use optional touchscreen controls) like a steering wheel to motor around the board, rotating the screen as you turn! Avoid the yellow walls that fall down as you play, and don't go out of the red boundary lines.

Other than that you mustn't let your hunger timer reach zero, so pick up the blue food packages (also for a higher score). The purple pill will slow you down, giving you time to think when things get hectic, and the white pill will reverse your controls for a time, but also raise your score for a greater highscore. It won't help your hunger out though... Launched at introductory rates, so buy now before the price goes up soon!
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Normal 0.99$ (50 images) and PLUS 1.99$ (200 images)

50 images:
200 images:
50 images HD:
200 images HD:

Don't miss DOTS AND LINES game, you childs will love it... and you!

The classic "Connect the Dots" ABC/123 game revamped with new game modes, fun, minigames, entertainment and a ton of pictures.

It is shipped with 50 images in the normal version and 200 with the PLUS one, so your kids will be entertained forever! (Demo has only 10 images!)

Your children will have great fun with the nice drawings to play with.

Also, we have 3 different game modes to connect the dots, and 3 difficulty settings (very easy, easy and normal)

The words and numbers can be spoken in english or spanish, so your kids will learn ABC while they play.

What's more, after each drawing, a little mini game is shown, making the fun greater!

Ideal for entertaining the children while driving, travelling or while you are cooking.


Name : Snake Revolutions Free
Price : Free
Device : Touchpad,Pre(1/2/3)

Snake is back! Better looking, faster, and a complete revolution to how you played it before!

You won't go back to playing your old snake game once you have played Snake Revolutions!

● Turn the device to turn snake
● Configurable so touching the screen turns snake
● Eat blue food and snake grows with hunger reduced
● Eat purple food and snake slows down
● Eat white food and snake will move in the opposite direction for a while. Good for score but not hunger!
● Don't let snake starve! After the time runs down then game over!
● Avoid yellow blocks that fall down!
● Don't go outside the red lines!

As a free trial version you can play until 400000 points. After this then you must purchase the full game to get higher scores.


Current fave quote: Cause you like musicians and I like people with boobs.


Name: MetroBeat and MetroBeatHD
Genre: Music
Cost: US$ 1.00
Min OS: WebOS 1.4.5
File size: 1.4MB
Application Submission Type : Appstore
Available for : Palm Pre and HP TouchPad

MetroBeat is a precise metronome for Apple mobile devices. Musicians will enjoy the intuitive controls in one screen. Audio and visual tempo indicators a volume control with a built in mute! Tempo ranges from 30 to 300. Tap up and down controls to increment tempo in 1 or 10 units. Time signatures up to 17 beats per measure and beat counter. Auto Save store your settings automaticaly!
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Palm Pre, Palm Pre2



Just I want to introduce our last game, Super Arcade Tabletop.

"Super Arcade Tabletop" recover the spirit of old video game consoles (Gakken, Coleco, Game & Watch). "Super Arcade Tabletop" recalls the fun led games that made our imagination to fly in the early 80s.

Available for HP Touchpad





This is our last game for webOS: Food & Cows. Brain Game

Food & Cows is inspired by the classic, traditional and ancient game Bulls & Cows. Bulls & Cows possibly also inspired Mastermind and Code Breaker games. We challenge you to guess what Molly the cow is thinking. Guess the sequence and test your mind with code-breaking game.




Ian Price

AquaVenture is now available on the Palm App Catalog

AquaVenture is a prize-winning deep water action-puzzle game and it's now available for your Palm Pre. Challenging and fun, you'll encounter peril and puzzles as you traverse the depths looking for treasure in order to save the day. Observe the octopi, soak in the sponges, see the starfish, but don;t collide with the crabs or poke the pufferfish or mess with the mines! This cute retro-styled puzzle game will grip you to the very end.

Name: AquaVenture
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Cost: US$ 1.00
Min OS: WebOS 1.4.5
Application Submission Type : Appstore
Available for : Palm Pre/Pre 2
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