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Would be nice if hosts automatically broadcast their presence over a network, so clients could automatically find them.


Microsoft uses a website to allow users to host games if thier software is up to date. This allows people playing the same game to connect to each other making sure they all have the same version. Hosts post thier games with specified sets of rules, and the clients can pick which one they want.

On a WAN/LAN you need to setup with a database or a log of some kind to maintain a host list.

If youre distributing a game from a website, and want multiple hosts to be permited, then setup the website to maintain the host list, I recommend PHP or ASP or CGI to check versions and maintain the host list.

There must be a list hosted somewhere, with the proper version info of the hosts game, and the game name/type. This requires all games to be hitting one specified IP address.

Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O