GLBasic 3 SDK - beta

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Kitty Hello

The new GLBasic Version 3 is avaliable for download:

- GLBasic 3 supports TYPEs, that is sturctures. It's still beta - a lot will change here.
- inline C++ comes (soon)
- The Compiler has been repleaced with a recent version - faster, smaller.
- smalfont.bmp is included in the .exe - you don't need to provide one, but it get's loaded if you do.
- With ALLOWESCAPE you can stop the user from pressing "ESC" and handle this yourself.
- GLBasic 3 will change some function calls. So BOXCOLL will return a value and some more...
- For GLBasic 3 there will be schoo licenses - smal info at game start, smal price at purchase.
- The Demo will be changed - I want 3D in the demo.

Kitty Hello

Please download again. The internet-updates have been corrupt in the first version.