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Yes im have wrote about that, but im think its a bug in glbasic, not in the game, because there is some strange happens when im using POLYVECTORS.

Sometimes some ENDPOLY slowndown like 20-30ms with full cpu usage and can slowdown the game as well. after the while, cpu fall down to around 10% and suddent works again. Its seen its somewhere strange happens on ENDPOLY when im measure how many MS its take to perform. Im not sure because im mix its with draw commands as well other texture (of course when the currect polyvectors is finished).

Even a empty STARTPOLY -> ENDPOLY took ms, so that why its a somewhere perforcement bug in that command in glbasic.

The screenshow you see happens after the SECOND polyvector call with extract same texture (E-1 is 30ms, while rest is fine, even im in the test reinstarted the texture)......

That strange for me.

PS. The format is Windows, but might happens on some Android consoles (seen only windows only).
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