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All good as I see glass gl3D objects on the iphone now.  :whistle: I've got it working now as I realised the function does load the frag file but because there is no vert file in this case, will return false even though the frag file is loaded with no error in the xcode debugger.
On Win32 it's fine but the iPhone can't find the shader fragment file whether it's in the app or media folder (always false).

IF X_LOADSHADER(12, "", "multitexture.frag")=FALSE THEN DEBUG "File not found"
IF X_LOADSHADER(12, "", "Media/multitexture.frag")=FALSE THEN DEBUG "File not found"
SETCURRENTDIR("Media") : IF X_LOADSHADER(12, "", "multitexture.frag")=FALSE THEN DEBUG "File not found - help!"

The original image dimensions are 2400x320px. When this is resized to 1020x100 and 2 lines of code changed shows that 1023px width is the limit.
   LOADANIM "transition.png", ANI_TRANSITION, 204, 100
      STRETCHANIM ANI_TRANSITION, i, 0,0, 480,320

I suppose you could just tile anim plot it but what about poly map plot?
//-- X_CAMERAUP  banking solution required!


FUNCTION Banking_Test:
   // basic first person inside room scene
   LOCAL px1,py1,pz1,px2,py2,pz2,angle

   SETSCREEN 640,480,0
   LOADSPRITE "testmap.png",0
   funCreateCube(0, 0,0,0, 100,100,10) // room
      px1=10                     // player
      X_MAKE3D 1, 100, 45
      // X_CAMERAUP              // banking ?
      X_CAMERA px1,py1,pz1, px2,py2,pz2
      X_SETTEXTURE 0,0
      X_MOVEMENT px1,py1,pz1
      X_DRAWOBJ 0,-1

FUNCTION funCreateCube: num, x,y,z, l,w,h
   LOCAL c

      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y+h,z+w,0,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y+h,z+w,1,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y-h,z+w,0,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y-h,z+w,1,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y+h,z-w,0,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y+h,z-w,1,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y-h,z-w,0,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y-h,z-w,1,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y+h,z+w,0,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y+h,z-w,1,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y+h,z+w,0,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y+h,z-w,1,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y-h,z-w,1,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y-h,z+w,0,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y-h,z-w,1,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y-h,z+w,0,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y-h,z-w,1,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y-h,z+w,0,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y+h,z-w,1,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x+l,y+h,z+w,0,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y-h,z+w,1,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y-h,z-w,0,1,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y+h,z+w,1,0,c
      X_OBJADDVERTEX x-l,y+h,z-w,0,0,c
Thanks for code snip. For me, that doesn't get result I'd like as the roll doesn't stay fixed. As I move the camera target, the roll is maximum (camera tilted to side) but when face the roll angle, the there is no tilt. Perhaps I'll post sample code later.
It's a bit tricky as I've tried. Anyone care to complete this routine?

SUB RollCamera: cameraRollAngle, cameraPosX, cameraPosY, cameraPosZ, cameraTargetX, cameraTargetY, cameraTargetX
   // x=?
   // y=?
   // z=?
   X_CAMERAUP x,y,z
Off Topic / Re: IRC Chat
Another day still down.  :'(
"Guess Who" sounds interesting. Not sure which I'll do yet as I'm still researching.
So far on my choice list I have Snakes & Ladders, Pictionary and Snap.
Generally, I have found that I need to run a "Clean" in xcode Build menu that will reload all the updated resource media files to the device.
My test shows this is working fine on the iPod touch.
Scotland yard is a really good game and there is a Nintendo DS version of it.
Very exciting developments.  =D
That's great. I'd like to see a Pocket PC version. :)
Cool keyboard....well done!!
Update: This clicking noise occurs in the Windows also but only for some wavs.