Romantic Lockdown?

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Kitty Hello

For those of us, who are married, the current lockdown situation might be a great challenge, because women do need care, adventure and variation. Before the lockdown, this was made easy for us, because there was restaurants, day trips and gathering with friends. We could even stay out after 9pm. Remember, on our wedding day, we (hopefully) all promised to "love and care" for the bride.
For me, love, that is not "I like what you have/are", it's more a "It's not because of the one you love - it's my free will. I want to put great effort to bring her joy. Take some of her burden. ". That kind of love.
How will this work with the latest limitations put on us? I am sort of desperately clueless.
So, maybe you have better ideas that you want to share, to make our wedding promise shine brightly true in a dark world full of lies.

-Post your idea
-Don't talk about the lockdown
-Don't post your opinion on the lockdown
-Don't ask on our opinion on the lockdown
-Don't try to think logically about the lockdown
-Do not complain about the lockdown or the gouverment or anyone responsible for the lockdown.

So, what I have is:

Make a fire
If you have a garden, get some metal bowl, the bigger the better, put some dry wood on (you can get that in a supermarket, here. But also a farmer close by migtht sell you a sack). Put some liqud fire starter above and burn it. Beware, when it's cold outside, it took me a full hour to get it burning properly. Add some garden chairs, maybe two branches and some marshmellows.
It worked fine, but for sure you will have the kids attending ;). So I'd give a romance rating of 7/10.

Watch the dusk
Open google maps, find a nearby place with a hill or a small mountain, that has a road on the west side. Then find a restaurant, that offers take-away food nearby. Order food, driver to that place, pull the handbrake and keep the engine running (Yeah, sue me Greta!) and watch the sun go down. Make sure to have a pack of wet tissues in the car for the fingers. Also, this might need good timing. Alternatively, just drive to a parking lot at a lake nearby and leact the lights on, if you're too late for dawn.
We did this (again with the whole family). It's no substitute for a real restaurant, but hey, better than netflix. 6/10?


Lots of nice tips here Gernot, thank you.

It's a tough time for relationships.

I live very remotely, so there's no restraunts or cinemas here. So I taught myself to cook, specifically to make something special for the one I love. Little extravagant meals, lots of hand picked ingredients, that take care, time and concentration, done the way she likes it. I add a little nice wine, some flowers, candles and create a romantic atmosphere. Kids are banned for a couple of hours(usually bribed with pizza and sweets :P). She appreciates the effort, I feel it's the amount of effort that shows that you care.

The area here is very scenic, so driving and walking together is a great option too.

I suppose the message here is to make the little things count, use what's best at hand, when your stuck in lockdown and your options are limited.



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Play some intro board games, and be willing to lose :)

- Scrabble
- Ticket to Ride is very good fun!
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