Has anyone some Random City Generation Code?

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Kitty Hello

I remember yeeeers ago, someone had a bit of code, that created a random city. Houses and stuff.
Can anyone remember this?
It would be cool to make a "deliver a pizza" game in 3D, with a city like: C64's Miami Vice, but in 3D:


I was thinking about code for that for top layer of my roguelike I am trying to make.
The dungeon part is working well (but still needs work).
I am planning to add a city part above ground - but my city code is not written yet so I am interested in this too :)

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I had a go at something like this years ago.

Kitty Hello

Do you have code fragments or something? Pictures, maybe?


Seems city/dungeon generators is in right now, saw this on hackernews today. There are some links to other generators in the comments. It's most likey javascript but maybe some ideas can be sparked from the images? :-)