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Announcements / GLBasic V14
The cleanup process is coninuing. The new v14 will be the next platform that will get long-time support.
This time the setup only contains the Win32 compilers, but with all headers. You can get the platform packages, that YOU need.
Each of the packages is able to compile the GLBasic source code, thus it's easy to start adding new platforms if you dare or help me fix problems.

The folder structure is a lot clearer now, I think you get the idea easily.

The news:
PRESCALER (read the manual) offers you a way to bring your Caanoo games to Android with one line of code: PRESCALER 320,240 // done!

Also for TYPEs, each TYPE has a function dbg(), that uses DEBUG to print all type variables.

Furthermore, I fixed a few bugs. Also for v12! Get the update if you don't want to try v14.

does this work? It works for mouse input. I don't have a Win8 tabalet with touchscreen.
at mom's attic, I found a bunch of old Amiga discs with games I once programmed. Does anyone here have the tools to create disk file or copy the data to a PC? It's about 10 discs that are of interest.

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How's things? Did you get all your presents? I hope so for you.
But there's one present you did not open. It's not wrapped nicely, but it's the one that you that shines more than any other. It's the "Christmas" gift.
If you think about the "Christmas" story – god became man - you might wonder "Why would he?". And that is the right question to ask. Why would an almighty, above-all god want to become human like us? The rich one get poor, the high get low, the infinite get limited? The answer is found in the end of his human life.
God describes Himself as a "holy God", that is clean and without sin. And as such, there can't be any sin in His presence. Which is a problem, because I am a sinner? There are many things in my life that are not correct and I know that. I don't know you, but God told us in Rom:3,23 that "there is no difference, all have sinned". And this sin is a gap between God and us. This gap, however, was closed when Jesus Christ came and paid for our sins. The innocent had himself punished for the guilty, the immortal died for the mortal.
It's a gift. It's for free. It promises freedom from fear of "what comes next?" and restores the broken community with God.
"His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6)
That's what's inside the "box". It's there for you, waiting to be opened.
And it's just one prayer away. Get into a lockable room, tell Him where your life went wrong and take the promise that it has been paid for. Take peace for good.
You might have a hard time – break up, got unemployed, a disease. I can't promise you a change. But I experienced peace and freedom in getting Jesus as my saviour. A good counsellor in all situations. He never let me alone. A friend. A loving and caring father.
Beta Tests / Fire TV
It seems the remote control can be polled with KEY ()
Did anyone try that, yet?

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My Google Wallet account silently got put on hold. I can't sell Apps on Google Play since.

Google wrote:


Thank you for your continuing cooperation in our verification process. Unfortunately, we are still unable to verify some of the information you provided.

In order to continue the process, please send us a clear copy of a driver's license or a passport information page of "Gernot Frisch ".

Be assured that Google is committed to preserving the security of your information and will not share your details with anyone except under the very limited circumstances described in our Privacy Policy.

You can find our privacy policy at

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to respond to this message.


The Google Wallet Team

I replied:

the google wallet account agreement I signed when I started selling apps on Google Play Store did not require me to upload a passport image. I consider this information that is not required in order to get my account off hold. Can you please tell me any alternatives and the details why my account was put on hold, please?

With kind regards,
-Gernot Frisch


Thank you for contacting us. The email you received was legitimate and relates to Google's obligations under UK and European law.

We appreciate your concern about security; please be assured that the security of your information is our top priority. We will not share your details except under the extremely limited circumstances set out in our privacy policy.

For more information regarding our Privacy Policy, please see

Should you have any feedback, queries, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reply to this email.

Warmest Regards,


my questions were:
-Why did you put my account on hold?
-What can I do to get it back, since you will not get a copy of my passport or drivers licence?

I'm looking forward to your answers.

Best regards,
-Gernot Frisch


Thanks for your email.

Please note that Google wallet randomly checks the merchant details in order to provide secure shopping environment. Whenever merchants make use of certain Google Wallet features, Google Payment Corp. is required by financial regulations to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who uses this service.

Kindly note that unless we receive the requested documents we will not be able to reinstate the account.

So, what now?
I started selling G.A.C.K. on Amazon now and consider the Samsung store, too.

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Announcements / V12 Release
V12 is now officially released. I also packed a new adb.exe that can deal with the new security settings in Android 4.2.2+.
I want to encourage you to adjust any libs to work together with V12 now.
Off Topic / BitCoin payments
Everyone talks about bitcoins. So it seems.
But - is there a market for that? Would people use bitcoins to buy software?

What are your toughts about this new currency?
Feedback / New Update 1.020
The new update is released for Android and PC/Mac now.

-PC/Mac App - can now EXPORT HTML5 apps!
-Social integration (see "more..." button)
-Copy/paste images between background and sprites
-snappier GUI
-DPI awareness
-ability to change the button sizes
-Undo button for animation path points
-Better layout for smal devices

iPad versino to be released, soon.
Meine Tochter liebt das Spiel.

Hier ist eine App, die euch hilft beim lösen - könnt ihr gerne in den App store packen. Ich vermute, dass man damit ein paar Kröten machen kann.

PS: Haut's noch ein HIBERNATE rein!

today I remembered the old book 1984 from Orwell. So I did a google with my iPhone, and found a free, legal mp3 version of it ( or so..). I started listening and after about 5 minutes, my iPhone was giving me an error "the profile could not be installed (unknown error)".

As far as I know, they use profiles to jailbreak/hijack iPhones. I'm using a beta version of iOS, so it might not have worked and I got his error. Folks, if my notion is not misleading, this is something that gets me thinking.

Usually I wanted to write that I fell in love with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but not I consider getting a 5,- mobile phone instead... Or none at all... Am I paranoid?  :S
iCade is natively built into iOS. But for other platforms it works, too.
We just need to work with INKEY$, which is buffered in V11+.

Code (glbasic) Select

// --------------------------------- //
// Project: iCade
// Start: Monday, September 02, 2013
// IDE Version: 11.458

// There are three main latin keyboard layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ AND AZERTY US keyboard layouts.
// The QWERTZ layout switches Y - Z
// The AZERTY layout switches A - Q AND Z - W
// // iCade events:
//   WE    YT UF IM OG
// AQ  DC
//   XZ    HR JN KP LV
// QUERTZ/AZERTY: W w/o Z (UP,   pressed w/  DOWN, pressed)
// AZERTY:        Q w/o A (LEFT, release w/o LEFT, pressed)
//    Z w/o X (DOWN, release w/o DOWN, pressed)

TYPE TiCadeInfo
dx%; dy% // D-Pad

GLOBAL iCade AS TiCadeInfo

FUNCTION iCadeUpdate%:
STATIC on$, off$
STATIC iLayout% =0 // 0:querty 1:qwertz 2:azerty

STATIC pins%[]

IF LEN(on$) =0
SELECT iLayout%
CASE 0 // querty
on$ = "wdxayhujikol";
off$= "eczqtrfnmpgv";
CASE 1 // quertz
on$ = "wdxazhujikol";
off$= "ecyqtrfnmpgv";
CASE 2 // azerty
on$ = "zdxqwhujikol";
off$= "ecyatrfnmpgv";
IF LEN(pins%[]) = 0 THEN DIM pins%[LEN(on$)]

LOCAL bChange% = FALSE
a$ = LCASE$(INKEY$())

i=INSTR(on$, a$)
IF i>=0
pins[i] = 1
bChange =TRUE
i=INSTR(off$, a$)
IF i>=0
pins[i] = 0
bChange = TRUE
// uh-oh real-key event!!!

// check if it's qwertz or azerty, based on possible logic combinations.
IF iLayout% = 0 AND pins[2]=1 AND a$="w" // must be quertZ or azerty!!
iLayout% = 1
FOREACH p% IN pins%[]; p=0; NEXT
pins[0] = 1
pins[4] = 0
on$="" // re-fill
ELSEIF iLayout% = 1 AND pins[3]=0 AND a$="a" // azerty: aq is swapped!
iLayout% = 2
FOREACH p% IN pins%[]; p=0; NEXT
on$="" // re-fill

IF bChange%
iCade.dx = pins[1]-pins[3]
iCade.dy = pins[2]-pins[0]
FOR i%=0 TO 7
iCade.buttons%[i] = pins[i%+4]


It's TESTED now and really works.
Test with:
Code (glbasic) Select

iCadeUpdate() // update status from inkey$ messages
PRINT "iCade: DX:"+iCade.dx+" DY:"+iCade.dy, 0,50 // D-Pad
FOR i=0 TO 7
PRINT "button "+i+" = "+iCade.buttons[i], 0, i*20+70 // Buttons

It's getting useful now. I can interact with C++ and JS now. I started on multitouch and it's almost working. Also!!! This works on the iPad now! (IOS6)

just to keep this idea sticky here, so it's "prior art" in case it's not done, yet. So, if it's still free, I want it to be free to use for everyone.

I have to change lots of code. And need to select it with the mouse, then type or paste code.
I need 3 hands.
So, my idea is to use the head inclination for the mouse pointer position, and use 2 hands on the keayboard and have 2 special keys on the board for the mouse buttons. The incinlation of the head is an abolute position of the mouse pointer.
nod for up/down (juat as you look after the pointer on a huge screen), and roll the head (\\ - || - //) for the x direction.

Does such an app exist? If not, who want to make one?   :P

For the windows backend:
Code (glbasic) Select

IMPORT "C" int __stdcall SetCursorPos(int X, int Y);

I+m about to get a pebble. Next year - haha. No, but when the SDk is out, I´d link to make an pebble GLBasic app, that is  a simple communicaion app to your phone.
then, on the phone you write hte glbasic app. We need functions like: pebble_getstatus$ and pebble_setdisplay(spriteid%).

Anyone with a pebble, too?
We should also make this a cross platform lib so we can access other wathes as well.
In GACK, I have a huuuuuge editor. I can't redesign that to use the loop-subs that are required for the HTML5 port.
But the game engine could well be ported. So I have 2 subs:
main_loop_sub and title_screen_sub.
When title presses a key, then main_loop_sub is set as the main sub and vice versa.
The "game" engine just starts at the title screen loop, and exits the main program routine. The game will loop the subs and it works.

Now! When I'm in the editor, I want to test the game. Thus, I need to call the title/main subs manually (I can't quit the "main" routine). How would I know which sub to trigger? Using a global variable? Isn't that silly?
Any better ideas?
Has anyone got such a device to test?
Can you use V11 and tell me what Platforminfo$("DPI") returns?

Many thanks

find the attached 2 files. Place the .mm file in your xcode project. Drag it into the "classes" folder in XCode then.

Include the gbas file into your project. Then, first, see if the service is available. If so, do the posting. You can either post text, url or an image.


The rotation might not be correct. Pardon me.
Code (glbasic) Select

DIM pix%[256]
FOR i=0 TO 255
LOCAL r,g,b
r = 0.5 + SIN( i    /255 * 360.)/2.0
g = 0.5 + SIN((i+85)/255 * 360.)/2.0
b = 0.5 + SIN((i+170)/255 * 360.)/2.0
pix[i] = RGB(r*255, g*255, b*255) + 0xff000000
MEM2SPRITE(pix%[], 1, 256,1)
STRETCHSPRITE 1, 0,150, 256,32

Totally non-optimized code. But you can use the texture later, which is OK.
I use it to track the colour bugs in the RaspberryPi setup...
Yes, finally it's been approved. The first non-coding game maker for your iPad with the shiny new user interface.

Get it while it's stil hot.