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Off Topic / Steam Deck
« on: 2021-Jul-16 »
This is great news for independent developers and also for GLBasic  <3
I immediately get back to my Irrlicht Wrapper  =D

Off Topic / DLB/GLB
« on: 2021-Mar-13 »
I really like GLB, but I would like to know if I can do what I want with it before continuing.

I'm going to need Gernot's agreement if I want to do what I want.

Either I just make a wrapper, or I make a game maker like but with the ability to code inside like GLB.

3D-snippets / SGEngine
« on: 2021-Feb-12 »

Beta Tests / SGEngine Demo
« on: 2020-Nov-10 »
I don't have much time to talk about it, but it's a 3D engine for GLB based on Irrlicht and IrrKlang.

I will come back to this later.

-------------- EDIT

The Irrlicht Engine has been updated to version 1.8.5, it re-motivated me and this week I made a big update to my 3D engine.
Here is a new SGE demo.
It uses 3D sound but there might be a problem with the volume as I adjusted it with the headphones (I have to buy speakers :-[ )
It doesn't use shaders (easier to adapt for mobile).

Off Topic / GLB is dead?
« on: 2020-Aug-23 »
For those of you who no longer believe in GLB, I will only tell them one thing:

GLBasic - en / 3D and GLB
« on: 2020-Jul-29 »
I see that a lot of people are more and more interested in 3D on this forum.
Maybe I and others could make a bunch of new 3D routines in tutorial format to help beginners.
I don't have a lot of time right now but if there is demand ...  ;)

If 3D pros are interested, we could set it up.

Off Topic / The Legend of Teader
« on: 2020-Jul-15 »
Is it possible to play this game Gernot? 
It looks great and I <3 Zelda-Like  =D

Off Topic / NES Emulator
« on: 2020-Jun-18 »
This 3D NES emulator is incredible !  :blink:  <3 <3

Off Topic / An idea for the forum
« on: 2020-May-19 »
Why not use the empty border of the forum to make a scrolling advertising panel for finished games?

The advertisement would change every 3 or 5 seconds and when we click on it we would go to the game's sales page.
As I am not sure to be clear, I quickly made a photo explaining my idea  ;)

It's strange, but my programs are slower in 64-bit version than in 32-bit  :(
Is it the same for others?

In addition there are lots of unpleasant little bug difficult to explain (especially in English) with the Steam version (base font, distribute folder, etc..)
I admit that I am disappointed with this version... I am even starting to turn to BlitzMax  :(

Right now, I prefer to stay with my 32-bit version for GLB.

Off Topic / Happy New Year!
« on: 2020-Jan-01 »
Happy New Year everyone!
I hope that all of your projects (not only with GLB) will be successful  :)

GLBasic - en / GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-11 »
GLBasic is a strong language, if Gernot can not continue one day for several reasons, I will assure (but probably others) that it will survive ;)

This is for me a new standard of the basic language.

Beta Tests / 3D Demo
« on: 2019-Aug-09 »
Up, down, left, right and (not space  :rant:) ctrl right for jump.

0.1 test version.

0.5 version, I hope that pleases you... this engine is based on my old engine and OB3D.
If you are interested, I will explain to you later.

Bug Reports / Many strange Bugs.
« on: 2019-Aug-04 »
I encountered a lot of bugs while working on my 3D demo.
I have to admit that this is starting to worry me.
There are bugs with the KEY function, but not only.

I hope it comes from my old PC, otherwise there is really a big problem with GLBasic :(

There is a problem when mixing KEY("space") and KEY("arrow").
I don't speak English well so I'm only talking about this bug, I'll see later to explain the others (more special).

GLBasic - en / It's the time !
« on: 2019-Jun-29 »
I think it's time to do a demo worthy of the name to show the power of this language (with wrapper or not).
I will work there.

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