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Out of house till tomorrow night but maybe this database of controller mappings may help?
I have some 8Bitdo Pro 2 Wired USB Controllers for Switch, these results any use?
Great little puzzler, not a concept Ive seen before.

I agree with what the the other have said, a little more feedback when things are not going your way would be nice.

Other than that, some number animations and possibly some particle FX be the cherry on the cake.

Otherwise very well done Svenart!  :good:
Ah, no worries, your heart and priorities are in the right place Ian. I hope you find the time to get back to your hobby.
Fear of code, once I realised it was actually "a thing", somehow made my irrational apprehension of sitting down to code easier to ignore. It helps to know other are in the same boat sometimes.

My biggest problems now are mainly physical, lost my eyesight in one eye and am partially sighted in the other due to an accident at the end of 2018. I can still code but it takes a little longer now and some patience.

My advice Ian, for what it's worth, wet your toes a little. Start small, a little utility here or an easy debug there, and you'll soon be comfortably back on the horse.  :good:
I try to document but it's never enough. I was taught proper documentation's practices at college but I was amazed to find that many times it took longer to document than code!  =D So i try to find a happy medium.

One extra small thing Ive done which helps, is that I made a function in my game that zips a copy of the source files(names it current time and date) every time I run the game. This gives me a rudimentary version system through each day, so it's easy to back track.

Took a break from coding over the summer. Now I  cant remember a thing and the fear of code is growing...   :noggin:

Note to self: DOCUMENT MORE!   :'(
Anyone still using this in the wild, how stable is it for deployment?
3D mazes look hard!  :D Great work Dreamerman!

And Erico, that's some serious cardboard crafting skills right there, well done!
Off Topic / RIP Oli Frey
An art legend from the 8bit days, many an Oli Frey magazine cover was better than the games own actual cover art...

Looks great Dreamerman, you've been very busy! I really must stop sitting around and get my own game finished!  :S
Cool stuff!  :good:

Where did you get all those various maze generating algorithms?

Thank you Dreamerman!
Yup, if it's possible... what an addition!  :happy:
Quote from: loftcat on 2022-Jun-24
For anyone following I've sorted things with Ian.. certainly not my intention to masquerade as an experienced forum admin :)  For those interested I had simply chosen a stock avatar, so it does appear user uploads are added to the this list.

This could well be true, I've had a user using my Prof icon before too. I now know why he picked it.  :blink:
LOL, I assumed that was you Ian, simply that you changed your account name... so it is a bit confusing TBH  :S