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Hi guys!

A good friend of mine is searching for game projects where title or ingame musics are still needed. He is a experienced composer and made a great count of themes for my own game projects like my puzzle game GEM. If you need musical support for your projects please contact me or use the contact possibilities of his website There are also soundcloud examples to hear the quality of his work.

Greets, MacReeg.


I checked the page, good stuff!

There is a good chance I could use help+talent. It will be a little while till things outside the game (front-end / endings) are completed.
I will try contacting by the page, so we can start some conversation.

Thanks McReeg.

Ian Price

He'll never be short of job offers here :)

Nice one. Cheers to you both.
I came. I saw. I played.


I listen some themes and are very cool!!!, I have musician yet, my bruder!!! :), but how say Ian it's very nice see an work offer here, I think the problem for musicians it's the cost of a theme... I buy some month ago, themes really goods, whit an Studio quality for 0,70C, if you don't like somthing you can retouch, it's an "opensource" license...


Hello MacReeg,
yourfriend´s page is offline here,

It was quite a set of nice music he had there, I wonder if still available.