Resizable application windows for desktops/laptops

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Here's an idea for a possible feature for Windows, MaxOS and Linux platforms: a RESIZESCREEN command that would enable the application window to be resized by clicking the corner and dragging it around.

The default option could be FALSE, which would be the same behaviour as GLBasic apps have now. If TRUE was set and the app window was resized, a GLB_ON_RESIZE subroutine could be called. Here you could make adjustments for the new display.

Does this sound useful to anyone else?


I think it's a useful idea!
But I don't know, if it's possible to resize opengl windows???


Kitty Hello


This would be extremely useful, along with the option to go to fullecreen with that standard gui button.

It is currently possible to "resize" windows by using SETSCREEN, but it's very choppy.


On Blitz3D, you can resize the window, but the program will not notice it. All the gfx inside the window is stretched to fill the window.


I like resizing the window in Minecraft and Terraria for a larger viewing area which is why I thought of it.


Only on Terraria you got a larger viewdistance, Minecraft just resize to fit with the screen :)

Resizing a OpenGL window is possible!
I <3 DGArray's :D

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