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Ummmm i can't remember will check again.


I added a quest engine and fully implemented the quest journal.
When Quests start or are updated, a onscreen message pops up.
Quest Status is now also contained in the save files( making older save games incompatible  :'()

Also tweaked the physics a bit:
   Now you can jump more high the faster you walk
   Made standing on block detection more player friendly.

Enemys and Events can now be charged from the player when he is wearing the electro suit and charged.

After I changed the scripts to make use of the quest feature, I´ll send out a new beta version.

I uploaded a pic of how the Journal looks like atm.


Good idea,that will help.

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Just a small update post.

-Added a visual indication when Reggie can interact with something, an exclamation mark pops up above his head now.

-Made swimming less of a chore by giving Reggie extra speed and more uplift when he swims.

-Quest status messages will no longer overlap other status messages.

-Buying an item is now better indicated, after buying one item it pops up above Reggies head for a short period. Added buying sound effect also.

-Changed the way how water border walls are constructed ( improves the lighting on the water border walls ).

-Redesigned text boxes visually.

-Changed the save format for shop data, so updates on shops do not require the start of a new game anymore for those changes to take effect.

-Added some more convienience features to the map editor to speed up the map editing process.

-Fixed a bug where the Player couldnt generate walk momentum when he was standing on an inclining face and had contact with the map borders.

-Players momentum not longer resets instantly to walking momentum when you let go of the run button, it goes down smoothly now, giving the player more control over the speed of Reggie.

-Fixed a bug where correctly landing on enemys resulted in hurting reggie instead of the enemy ( When you resort to using magic numbers in some place it always will fire back at you :P )


And of course here is a short Video of the new Version:



An impressive amount of variety in the gameplay, good stuff!  :good:


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Its look more more professional. This could also been released on platform like Steam as well. Im more more like the graphics style, which works very awesome and have a nice varied gameplay.
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Wow!! Impressive. Good job!!

Kitty Hello

Amazing. How did you do the levels? Block like or really free 3D shapes?


Thanks for all your kind words :)

Everything is setup with blocks,

This is an old video, but it shows the editor ( how it was ages ago (-: ),
i think it shows best, that everything is layed out among a coordinate system.


Polished the main menue a bit,
not finished yet, but getting there.


Finished my polyvector print routine.
I attached a screenshot of the menu with the new font showing off its color changing powers  :)