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Kitty Hello

A fire suit? That is immune to fire but burns any wood it has contact to? (Useful for puzzles. Like if you accidently destroy a box to jump on.) Also could hide extras in wood boxes. Or hide loders behind it.
Also a fire suit must not touch water.
Play Zelda for ideas about more differen skill objects.


Its quite difficult to suggest without adding or destroying elements of game play.

I thought, an invisible suit, to get past impossible to kill enemies. A heli-suit, allows you to float upwards for a limited time to get to impossible to reach sections. A scarecrow suit, it frightens off some baddies. An Indiana Jones suit, with a whip that allows you swing across certain crevasses.

It's easy to suggest but how hard would they be to implement?  :S


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Thx for your suggestions :good:

The problem I have is that I don´t want to add extra animation frames
to the Player ( First I would have to re-export all Player parts again, secondly
it would increase the memory usage even further ).

Heli Suit is a nice Idea, but I don´t want the player
beeing able to use it in every level once he obtained it.
For this I have a Jetpack, which can be found in blocks.
The Jetpack has limited fuel, but you can buy jetfuel which fills it up.

Scarecrow suit is a nice idea, maybe I could add levels where you have
to round up a certain number of enemys in an area for something to happen.
Some enemys should be immune to fear like ghosts or really strong enemys.

Fire suit is also a nice Idea,
when reggie touches water while the suit burns the fire simply is extinguished.
I also think of adding a heat meter for this,
so when the fire Suit is ignited the heat meter slowly rises,
when the heat meter is at max Reggie will graduatly loose HP.
So you have to be fast when you want to carry a flame from A to B.

Again thank you so much for your ideas.


A little prime review of the beta version PC.

Technically everything worked, I haven´t tried the joystick yet, but the keyboard keys are positioned on an unusual place IMHO.
At least in comparison to other indie games, they usually use arrows plus Z, X, C or V. I have seem some people use A, S, D and F too.
It might be better to check those key combinations and avoid ctrl, alt, shift, specially related to the arrows, as most of the keyboards will have a level of clash. Here if I´m running and going diagonally I can´t jump. It might also be interesting to check a combination of WASD, maybe something similar to minecraft as that is a well standardized control scheme.

A few things about the game itself. First, there is a lot of visual styles combined, including some sharp gfx and some smoothed fonts. Particularly, I prefer everything to keep to the same style, probably the Mario way as it seems more dominant. In game and technically, everything is wonderful and moves about perfectly, fog is great. I only noticed some glitch movements when around a bunch of trees.

Landing over the enemies is a bit hard, I´d think that form of attack should be easier than it is, but it may be just me.
I also feel miss of enemy sounds, hurt sounds, attack sounds. I get a little lost without it but the blinking gives a hand.

Overall there were no bugs in my current version, all worked flawless!
I will try to reach the end of the demo to have a better opinion of everything.

Congratulations, 3d here is really superb! It probably plays awesomely on a pandora with its controls.


Thx for testing!

I know the problem with the WASD Keys,  I will add an option control using wasd keys too into the control options.
(not much trouble).

I think you think of the spider enemys when it comes to hard to hit enemys.
I made their collision size a bit smaller, so only their middle piece is hitable not their legs.
If this can be a bit confusing Ill make their collision size larger in the enemy editor.

For the glitching aroound a bunch of trees, I somehow need to figure out a proper order when it comes
to multi circle collision. When an entity is moved while colliding with a circle, it can come to a second collision with another
circle in the same frame and even more. I already only check the static objects that are inside a small adjacent map to the player,
so some more iterations could work in this case, but I also need a better way of calculating all those vectors together.
Maybe some reduction of reggies momentum when he collides with spheres could also do part of the trick.

There are several sounds lacking I know, just don´t had the time to look through my
"superb quality" DIV2 sound library LOL.
I did some sounds for the past Dark basic version with BXFR but people complained about to much genericness of those.

Thx again, I am going to rewrite my terrain scrolling engine, looks like some triangles are left over that I just can´t find.
Since this code is over a year old and one thing dosen´t seem to make any sense after reviewing it now
a redo is probably faster than a quick fix ( I already have thought a better order of updating the terrain now ).


The limitations on circle collision on the trees could possibly be resolved with level editing, maybe making them a bit more apart?

On the controls (keys) I´m not sure there is any solution to the clashes when you have to press 4 keys simultaneously, like a diagonal arrows+run+jump.
I have experienced some of this on some other games/emu and maybe here the joystick control resolves it all.
One alternative would be to drop a button, like a double press to activate running, but running is how you pick up stuff, so maybe not a good idea?

The collision with the spiders is fine. It is hard, but nothing that a bit of gaming can´t resolve. ;)

I have seen some textures triangulated here and there, is that avoidable? It may look like an error to some people.

About sound, yep bfxr can get tired but it depends on how much work you put into it to differentiate from what everyone will first choose.
This one tool here have lots of tunning+options:
I find it to be something like an bfxr 2.0, you can tune your sounds to be unique faster and deeper than bfxr.

Keep it up, if you have a newer version, let me know, so I can full play the demo on the latest there is.


Thx for the Link erico,
played a bit with Chiptone and it really has a lot of benefits in comparisson to BXFR.

The texture triangulation is some tough stuff to resolve,
there seem to be only 2 possible solutions to this, either
the top and down wall texture will not be parallel to its top border anymore
and the middle parts would look fine,
or the way I have it now, with top and bottom parts aligning correctly,
but the middle piece will only look good
if level design is in its favor.

Maybe I´ll change the meaning of the control using the joystick flag,
on the PC it would change control mapping to a preset joystick mapping
(which could also be edited in the menue of course ).


just wanted to say I had success in rewriting my terrain engine.
Not only does the code look more logical now, it also checks if existing terrain faces
can be reused ( had this for Blocks Objects etc. but not for terrain pieces )
instead of creating them new.

This saves around 70 MB ram consumption, in the best case scenario ( all flat terrain ).
But in the worst case, where every face is different from each other on the whole map it
would save nothing ( didn´t encountered this scenario yet luckily ).

I hope this can fix the memory issues on classic Pandoras without needing a swap file.


Well long time since my last post,

I fixed many bugs testers on the Pandora have found and implemented improvements
they suggested:
    Bonus coins now appear in the key item section ( They also can´t be collected anymore after beeing collected once ).
    Finished scripting a racing scene with the penguin.
    Added locks to locked doors in the temple.
    Starting a scene wont mess up reggies animations anymore when he rides a motorcycle.
    Quit works now.
    Changed the little robot model ( now they have a buzzsaw around them ).
    Trampolines are even smoother now.
    Made / added jump, hit and trampoline sound effects.
    Each NPC now will be offended when you jump on their heads :D
    Fixed some bad scripts.
    Fixed a bug where a shop would not automatically exit when sold out.
    Fixed a bug where a failed area action check could lead other events to not recognize the action button anymore.
    Added camera and player angle parameters for map transitions.
    Camera now no longer sets itself from EventCamera mode to GameCamera mode before the map was blended out completly.
    Added new swimming enemys.
    Added new parameters for enemys and fixed some bugs in their "AI".
    Falling in lava routine completed.
    Additional sound effects have been created.

Also some control improvements where implemented:
    text can now be skipped with either action or jump button,
    improved the way keystates are checked.
    It is possible to play the game with a joystick on the PC Version ( you can either hit keys on the joystick or on the keyboard,
    both are recognized ).
    Directional buttons are also configurable now ( when editing Keyboard keys only ( for joystick the first Analogue or the Dpad can be  used ) ).



Just thought I keep you guys updated of my recent changes:

-When entering a new area, the name of the area as well as the coin record for that area are displayed for a short while.
-Made a full color mini map, which can be accessed through the ring menu.
-Added a parameter to blocks thatt will make them fall when Reggie stands on them, they also break when hitting the ground and are replaced after a short period.
-Events can now create lights or switch them on or off.
-Blocks can now change map variables.
-Textboxes are now made out of cool looking polyvectors :).
-Text now gradually draws each character one after another when displayed ( textbox dynamically changes size for building up text ).
-Skybox is now finally a sky cylinder ( wanted to do this for a long time, finally got myself to generate a cylinder by code, it was far more easy then I thoght back then).
-Made new modells. ( Parcel delivery car, refridgerator, new lamp modells, bushes ).

Here is a short video:

Ian Price

Can't see the vid (at work), but sounds like this is really coming along nicely. :)
I came. I saw. I played.


How said Big Softy the graphics remind me a lot to Nintendo... Very interesting project... I like a lot the smoke of the motorcycle...
The only negative comment, is the jump of the player is too much quick, ins't?¿...


Thx, for your replies guys!

No tester mentioned having problems with the jump speed so far, if you want to test the PC version, feel free to send me a PM.


It looks really nice so far :good:


Do you have plans to release this to other console based platforms (Ouya, ForgeTV as well Apple TV)?

This game looks pretty nice and cool. Im like the black fog behind the levels, which is normally a no go, but due the style of the game, its seens works pretty cool and did that per design, not per limit.
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