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123 basic - HTML5 for GLBasic

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--- Quote from: DaCarSoft on 2013-Dec-04 ---Hi Hark0!

mmm...   May be that could be a "typo" only in your message here...   But, have you seen that the error is showing "datos_Puertas" with a "D" in low case and your declarations appears to have "D" in upper case???    O_O

--- End quote ---

I try renaming var name... and I post results here ;)

Don't work for me... :(


--- Quote from: Hark0 on 2013-Dec-24 ---Don't work for me... :(

--- End quote ---
Try to put the block STARTDATA...ENDDATA before the RESTORE instruction.
I have to make this sometimes in GLBasic, because the label is defined later.
In classic BASIC, DATA instructions are often put after the RESTORE.


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