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Then... works fine the 3D now on Canno?¿....
:nw: :nw: :nw:

Kitty Hello

The test program that did not work on the WinCE worked fine.


Much waited! :D Very good news, thank you!  :nw: <3

GLBasic fan!


back again...
so it seems I can get a caanoo around here for 200$, way over then the playasia price  :(

Since I´m a cheap person, I would like to get the best out of it and since I can´t try one I have been checking the net and tube for all info I can gather.

I´m concerned about the stylus touch in it... I could be used as a never-ending-paper for drawing, like a cheap cintiq.
Is its response any good?

I heard the battery can last for ~4 and half hours runing some emu continuously, max bright and so on. Does this hold true?

I have an almost 20 years old working atary linx, I take good care of my toys but I´m never afraid to use them a lot.
Do you guys think the quality inside caanoo can hold that long? Is the analog control cheap?

Anyway, if those that own it could help me out on this info I will be grateful.

Ian Price

If it's anything like the Wiz, then the stylus and touch support is very good - much better than the GP2X F200.

Apparently the analog controls are really good. The build quality is also said to be much better than Wiz which was so much better than GP2X).

There's never any guarantee about the lifespan of any machine, but I bet Atari didn't expect your Lynx to still be working. You pay your money and you take your chance. A new car can break down on it's first drive - a new toy (electronic or otherwise) can do the same. If you want total reliability then don't buy it - then you won't be disappointed.

BTW $200 is way over the odds, around these parts.
I came. I saw. I played.


I perfectly understand the risks on buying anything. I just want some words of wisdom from owners.
Specially things one should watch and care for.

yep, the final price is 230$ but I get it on my hands, unbox it and play a while to test before forking the money.
There is a possibility I can import from playasia for 168$ but them it can get stuck on customs for as long as they want and they can charge me as much as they want as taxes(can reach from 60 to 100% the total price) clear brazilian laws on imports...really sucks!

I like the prospect of playing emus, reading books, coding glbasic for it and drawing on it.
I rather ask around here for opinions instead of specific forums as I thrust us to have a less biased opinion for things.
Flaws on a product interests me as I can try to think ahead of it (don´t take me as a pessimist ;/).

I also heard of the build quality on it too, it seems pretty good.
By what I see on tube, the stylus feels quite responsive.


ps:. I forgot to mention, maybe this helps understand my reasons, there is no such thing as warranty and final price is in REAIS, there was a dollar raise last week from 1.4 to 1.7 .


Oh well, just got the caanoo,
it seems quite nice.

I hope to be able to do something for its community as well as here.
I have been into a hard assignment for 4 months, should end anytime next week,
then I should have some time to play with it and answer my own questions for others in case they have it.

Been able to glbasic into it will be awesome!

If anything goes wrong, I will just blame Ian for persuading me!! :P :P

just kidding, I´m hard on letting money go, I thank Ian for being as straight as possible with the subject, It´s this kind of advice(realistic ones) that really helps me pushing things the way I want.

Anyone knows the best forum to get things going about caanoo?
It seems to me gp32x (de) is the best place to be, am I wrong?

Ian Price

I use the English forums, as my German is about as good as my Martian :P

Anyway, good on you for not going with the flow and going with the niche crowd. Some of my finest development moments came and still come from doing that (I'd much rather dev for webOS than iOS and Android).

What I will say though, having devved for GP2X and Wiz for a couple of years is that feedback and thanks will be virtually nil. They'll let you know if they don't like what you give them (and honestly if it's not emulator related they aren't that interested), but if you do something right you won't here a peep. Hopefully the Caanoo crowd is a bit different and things have improved since I last wrote code for GP2X/Wiz.
I came. I saw. I played.


Quote from: Ian Price on 2011-Oct-22
Anyway, good on you for not going with the flow and going with the niche crowd. Some of my finest development moments came and still come from doing that (I'd much rather dev for webOS than iOS and Android).

I share the same opinion, I would never buy psp or whathever like that
My interest into this came only because glbasic can do for it,
my emu itch can be healed down on my main pc.

Nothing wrong with the mainstream though, some of my friends have it, but I simply can´t.
I will sign into that board as time allows, hope to see you there!


I compiled the snowman 3d project for the caanoo but can´t get an image.
the print commands print ok on the screen and works fine, but no 3d image, just black, am I missing something?
reduced texture size and killed the light, but no game.
Anyone tried 3d on caanoo?

Kitty Hello

I tried a small example and it worked. Strange that the snowman doesn't.


...then I must be doing something wrong, I will test better soon