Galaxix - Coming to the iPad soon

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Very Very nice, and very cool graphics.

When we can buy in AppStore, I like show the 3D....

Congratulations and thanks for Sharing.


Cor!!! :D

Just so people know, Qubey has wrote a post mortem on the game here:-,209.msg5430.html

Top stuff! :)



What a great achievement. Wow.

Yodaman Jer

That looks amazing!

I really wish I had an iPad...
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Quote from: Dabz on 2011-Oct-24,209.msg5430.html
That's a good read, and developed within a year, fantastic stuff.  Just out of interest, how long on average did you spend per week working on this game?

Kitty Hello

Please make a port to WebOS as well - it's really going to sell on the TouchPad, because it will totally outstand from the store.


Please make a port to WebOS as well.
If I can grab a phone and tablet at a reasonable enough price then I'll do that after the the iOS and Android phone and tablet version are done :)

Are there any GOOD webOS tablets / phones that are available to buy brand new? - Mind you, I guess the HP TouchPad may be quite easy to grab on eBore these days, I will have a quick look (around £150 to £200 on eBore and Gumtree).

Yodaman Jer

Quote from: Qube on 2011-Oct-23
It will eventually be available also for iPhone,  Android tablet & phone, Windows and OS X :good:

The minute this is available for Windows/Mac OS X, I'm buying it.  :good: How much are you going to charge for it, d'ya think?

I'm figuratively drooling over the screen shots...
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How much are you going to charge for it, d'ya think?

The iPad version is (when Apple approve) £1.99 / $2.99 - The iPhone version will be the same as it will become a universal binary supporting both devices.

I've not decided on a PC / MAC price point yet but I doubt I'll stray much from the above, if any. I want to increase the texture and model resolution on the PC / MAC versions of course, but providing it doesn't require a lot of extra time / work then that price point for the PC / MAC looks about right.

Kitty Hello

The MacStore might be worth a try. Also the Inten AppUp.


Just noticed the game has been released in App Store thread.  Congratulations!!  :booze:
I'll definitely be buying the game after work tonight.


 :nw: :nw: :nw:

Time to hang up my keyboard I think, there is no way I could beat that as an app. You have created the GLBasic killer app there I think. Gernot needs to get a video of that running on the front page to show what can be done with GLB. I would buy that the day it hits the Android Market (as long as the Tegra 2 problems are sorted in GLB :) ).

I hope you get a good return on your years work on the project, it should be a top seller


Purchased, can't get it to run on my iPad 1 32 gig, seems stuck on initializing?


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HI I downloaded on my iPad 1, and don´t runs, appears the logo whit the spaceshipt turns to a black screen and jump back to the S.O. :'( :'(


What?!?! I tested on iPad 1 before submitting and it worked flawlessly. Purchased on iPad 2 from the store and that works.

Now purchasing from store on iPad 1. Testing... Crap, I know why it's doing this on the iPad 1.

Sorry to iPad 1 owners, issuing update 1.01 to Apple today.