Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa X-Mas Special

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Legendary Quest of Sandor Rozsa - X-Mas Special is a small challenge teaser for an upcoming 2D sidescroller game by Puli Games, an independent gamedevelopers' alliance. In this challenge you control Sandor the rascal at Christmas time. The constables gathered all the adornments for themselves, your task is to take them back and put it on the tree. As an extra, you can rebuild the snowman by finding the snowman's parts.

You can download from the showroom http://www.glbasic.com/showroom.php?site=games&game=legendaryquestofsandorrozsaxmasspecial&lang=en or from Puli Games' forum: http://puligames.com/index.php?topic=54

More info at: www.puligames.com

Ian Price

That's quite fun that is. Looks lovely too :)
I came. I saw. I played.


Sound is excellent. 2D sprites are nicely drawn. Music is fitting. Gameplay is a lot of fun. This is all-round well put together. Will be interested to see how the full game turns out.

Hopefully I will get my tree and snowman finished soon.  :)

Oh, please include joypad support.


Uh, I think some guys hacked the highscore system.


Grrr, nothing worse! Add some sort if checksum Albert, possibly encrypt the score+name before sending. A little php may be needed to decrypt but it probably worth it. Oh, and keep a record of IPs for banning hackers!




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I'm using the glbasic.com highscore, so I cannot modify the PHP.


See example on my homepage, does a checksum of the username and score that has to match client/server side. Add your own salt to that and it gets harder to crack.


I'm currently working something very similar. Thanks Moru.


Ok, so I moved the highscore to my own server, and added JoyPad support. I have a Genius MaxFire with 8 buttons, but JoyState returns only 2. So I mapped fire to button1 and jump to button2.



We didn't manage to complete the full game yet, but we plan to release another XMAS Special with 4-5 minigames in it to PC, Mac, iPhone and Android this year. Thank you glBasic we can easily manage to cross-compile to this platforms  :nw:

I'm currently refactoring the code, changed the game's framework to some sort of State Machine using PROTOTYPE, and added a smart resolution scale up with CREATESCREEN/USESCREEN and STRETCHSPRITE.
I'm really want to use some sort of scripting, and I'm experimenting a lot with glScriptBasic, but there are some serious bug in it (Just try to divide a variable few times, and then you will see it).

So stay tuned, and expect a fresh variation of our game's sneakpeak with some exiting minigames on your favorite platform.