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AdMob support for WebOS was dropped by Google a few days ago  :'(


That sucks. Esp with that number of downloads. Is there any other alternative at all?

Reading the WebOS forums it looks increasingly gloomy with HP looking to be more assholey as time goes on. Turn it around though and as long as the app store works and you can still submit and get paid then it's a golden market to take advantage of :) Just got to get off my lazy arse...

Also can't wait for Preware and the OC kernals to update so I can patch the new 3.04 on my TP and get it back to being speedy again. The update is pretty good but still feels it needs the turbo injection that Preware can do for you.

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GLOWING SKY (free+paid) has reached 25000 downloads on WebOS market. Woot!

1500 on iOS and 2500 on Android.

Damm AdMob for WebOS...

Ian Price

Great news :)

Shame it's not possible to break it down into webOS formats (Pixi/Pre/Pre2/Pre3/TP).
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Well, Pixi is another app, 2500 downloads. 22500 rest of WebOS.


It have reached 30.000 downloads on HP!  :nana:


Way! Outstanding performance! Congrats! :booze:

Kitty Hello

When you made $1.000.000, please send me a postcard. Like a $100 note with a stamp XD.


Did I said that this 30.000 downloads are the free version?  :'(


This looks fun!


And today I hit the 35000 downloads mark, although this month has been 9000 downloads and october was +13000.

iOs downloads are around 1300, but sales were around 2.5% of free downloads while on webos it is 1.5%. On Android 600 downloads and 3%.

Next week I will post more statistics with november.


Around 13000 downloads in december, making a total of 46000 FREE downloads.

Kitty Hello

awesome! Now if only this had ads. :(


Today I hit the 50000 free downloads mark, while iOS has been 1800 and Android 9800 users / 2100 devices.

What the hell are this Android numbers?

Total installs (users) VS Net installs (devices)? (sorrym my android market is in spanish)


More stats:

2011 (5 months for iOS, 4 for WebOS) has finished with a free/pay ratio on iOS of 3%, and WebOS 1.5%. Android, around 2.5%.