First iOS APP with InApp purchases published.

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Non-consumable is good for registering a lite app to full app. Ideal to avoid piracy.

Consumable things are soooo good. If your game can have it, you will get (huge) money.

For example, a kill-all game. You win coins on the game, and can get better weapons using the coins. You can sell to your user extra coins for money.

Or in your game, the plants take 1 day to grow. Sell them using InApp a fertilizer that will make your plans grow in just minutes.

Today the big money is not selling the game itself but consumable goodies to the users. Many games are not free and even they sell extra-coins, or extra cars, or extra circuits...


Virtual gold is money and that's why World of Warcraft gold farming is so popular.

So what are some game ideas that uses this concept of huge money?


Quote from: matchy on 2011-Sep-05
So what are some game ideas that uses this concept of huge money?

LOL, that's the quid of the question...


Yeah I've read a few articles about making more money from inApp purchasing. Especially if you are really clever about it.

Check out coin dozer. That is extremely clever. I'm 38 years old, rarely buy anything if I can get away with it, and even I *very* nearly put some money in to get me more coins to carry on and beat the scores of people I work with. Draws you in by allowing free game downloads to give you extra coins (and you cannot just start again) then starts mentioning you can buy more coins... Couple that with the fact that more free coins are trickled to you over a period of time (ie. one every few minutes with the phone off) and you really need about 20+ coins to make a good difference, and I'm telling you they made some decent money off it. Would *never* *ever* buy it. But a free game that a work colleague said was fun? Ok. If I was stupid with money (like I used to be) or 10 years old, I would have so ploughed a load of cash into it.  Stupid repetitive idiot game sure, but very nice way of getting you to use inapp purchasing.

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