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Well, I have a little plans for make a Spanish book, of Glbasic, but how I don´t be a proffesional programmer, perhaps I don´t be a good work.

How I say looking this possibility, and if I fell whit forces for write a book, I think I start in begin the next year.

Best Regards,
Iván J.

Fair enough :)

will probably buy two of them, pdf format...nice job!

Thanks for the awesome books MrTAToad! They serve as invaluable references. I just bought them all in .pdf format. I suggest anyone who is serious about GLBasic development and wants to delve deeper, also buys them. They are ridiculously cheap in contrary to what they offer! Keep up the good work. You got yourself a supporter and Tenebra Studios will as of now be using your books to deliver even better products!

Glad you like them!


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