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Good, fast, stable support for JPEG files in LOADSPRITE etc.

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Kitty Hello:
You can try to load jpeg on Win32. On most platforms it works - iPhone does for sure _not_.
I am aware of that bug, but so far I can't get it fixed as it's a different library I have to use.

Cool - I'll try it on Win32 a bit later. Personally I don't need iPhone support yet but was nervous about jpeg as it doesn't seem to be documented and the forum posts I found seemed to suggest it was, ah, flakey?

Ian Price:
JPEG doesn't work properly EVEN on Windows, I'm afraid.

It might load one or more images once, but try to use them more than once and/or other images and it all fecks up.

I brought this up ages ago, as I was working on a Top Trumps game and wanted the card images to use JPEG. It seems fine at first, but goes awry very quickly when JPEGs are loaded and displayed.

:( thanks Ian, I had a horrible feeling that's what I'd found - so jpeg support is back on my list of things to consider trying to write. Ah well! :|

As it causes immense problems, I dont see it being in for quite a while.

At the moment you can only use it with one file - any further use (especially to the same id number) will crash your program...


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