taking credit for your software projects (weird question)

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I work at a company that makes clinical research software and we had some extra work so we hired a freelance worker for 6 months for two projects. We work with a default framework (that we developed) it contains a lot of default screens, like inputscreen, codes-screen etc. because this really speeds up development. It also contains an about-screen that automatically shows the project name and version etc. You can also add a "programmer" string so that the aboutbox will display "programmed by J. Smith" for example.

Halfway through the project I told the freelancer "you can add your name on the about-screen", he was reluctant "oh no, I don't want my name there" but then he did put in his name. Then after he left I saw that he changed it to only his initials (for example "J.S.") I thought this was weird, why would you not take credit for your work?

Maybe a weird question, but do you always take credit for the software you write (in a credit screen, aboutbox or any other notice)? And if no, then why not? I know I always wan to take credit for any big project I work on.
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The only time I've heard of that is when the programmer doesn't want to be associated with the project, in which case it usually means he thinks it's 'trash'. :)

In your case though, no idea.
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Are you doing anything with embryo or stem cell stuff?


Not programming but with film projects, we often had similar cases,
som team members would put their initials or so, 100% of the time it happened
was because this same people did a shit job through the project and
didn't want to have their names related. In one certain ocasion, our sound director
did such a shitty job, and it was so hard to fix it at post production, that I fought with
the team to put his full name on the credit, so people could see who was responsible for it.

In your case, I don't know, it could be that the person wants to work on different kind of projects and want his name associated with what he wants to make a carrer on? How old is he?

Ian Price

I've released several demos, apps and games without putting my name in. Usually it's because I've forgotten to do so and can't be arsed to upload a new file. I do put my name and contact details in any ReadMe files though. However, so few people have contacted me or give feedback that tbh I might as well not bother.
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The freelancer usually hops from project to project, never sticking around too long, while the data collecting takes around 2 to 3 year. I guess he doesn't want to be bothered with questions from the researcher about the program.

Anyway, no, there's no stem cell research here :D It's mainly data collection for statistical analysis; questionaires, importing labresults, input forms for data entry (length, weight, blood pressure etc.) that sort of thing.