A few things for V8 that would be nice

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Some things that would be nice in V8 include :

  • Ability to enter version number (in the Project Options window) and be able to use that in the program
  • [OK]Ability to stop the compiling process - especially useful if an error is found and you want to fix it straight away
  • [OK] Perhaps put in LEFT$ and RIGHT$ as standard ?
  • [OK] The ability to negate a comparison
  • [OK]Would it be possible to have REPEAT/UNTIL as sometimes a WHILE loop requires an initial initialisation of a variable
  • [Never]Perhaps now would be a good time to make strings unicode ?
  • Perhaps update the compilers too ? :)
  • [OK?]Fix the Incredibuild to stop skipping modified files
  • Inbuilt SQLite support?
  • Be able to specify compiler file order - this would be needed for functions in types as if a section isn't compiled before its, say, passed as a parameter, you get a compiler error
  • Windows 7 multi-mouse support - as I dont think its currently implemented...
  • Be able to create terrains in the 3D module


Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-May-06
Some things that would be nice in V8 include :

  • Be able to create terrains in the 3D module

Hmm... its better to suport more than ddd-Files !
maybe 3ds, ms3d or somethink like that ;D


or to load a blenderfile?
I <3 DGArray's :D

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please think about the Mac IDE, iÃ,´m a noob programer - so i cant add the boom features kungphoo can add.
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QuoteHmm... its better to suport more than ddd-Files !
maybe 3ds, ms3d or somethink like that

I requested this elsewhere.  GLB really needs to directly support some of the standard model formats like:  X, MD2, 3DS.  The way things are right now, we can't create user-moddable games as it is unnecessarily difficult for our EUs.


I guess lwo and lws support (lightwave object and scene) would be nice for me, I currently can use my objects by doing some convertion, but it would be faster if direct support exists. I was planning to put up a tool do explore architectural environments and this sure would make things easier, specially with global mapping I guess. Anyway, I know it is an egocentric request, maybe support to the more general 3d files would do everyone good.


Um, let me think...

GLOBAL's to work across all the project... currently unless defined within the main file they don't work across the whole full project.

Proper logical operator support "a  = a AND 0xFF" for example, with the full caboodle implemented... NOT etc.

Implementation of the Entity system into the native 3D lib

...well that's my Christmas list for 2010!  ;) None of these are desperate, I am more than happy with the current command set in general.




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