GLBasic board game competition poll

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Kitty Hello

Really? If you have a source for that, it would be OK then.


Unfortunately, was only joking :)


I've not said what I'm making because I'm worried it will end up vaporware.

I'm not a coder, haven't for about 11years when I gave up on a Net Yaroze project I was wasting time on...

Will provide some updates as I go though...I'm sure somebody will recognise it eventually.

My second development tool for this...I really need to stop writing dev tools and start writing the game...hmm  ::)


But but but, writing devtools are so fun!


hahaha really nice tube.

now the reason I did not talk about my boardgame was that I took an extra time to figure out which game to do. I'm not the best coder, so looking for an easier game structure is a must so it doesn't become vapour.

My choice is SOLARIS (captain future). Game from the 80s.
here goes another shot, the engine is almost complete.
The interface has a dwarf fortressnes fell hehe.
It shows a lot of the internals and 75% of this info won't be available for the players, It is just a display for debbugging the engine, but I like it's rogue look...

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Graphics are turning into a slog  :whip:

From this... this...


Ian Price

Graphics can be a slog, but yours seem to be worth the effort. Don't give up :)
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

Whoa, that looks cool. Reminds me of Spy vs Spy (I) on C64 ;)


Those graphics make more sense than the ascii, ;)


hey ynbniar,
nice gfx going on on those dev tools hehe, real cool, CGA rocking for me, awesome.
It somehow reminds me of a game on the way of colonel mustard card ando so on hehe!
Is my guess right? keep it up, post more!