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I still can't quite get it clear. :S"My favorite smiley face." Are you creating a clone of a board game, or are you just using the game idea, and making it your own?


Hmmm, good question. Preferably I'd use the game idea and make it my own (to limit the risk from copyright) - but by the competition rules I might have to make it pretty much as the board game is.

Err, Gernot?


Kitty Hello

Well, I think the gameplay should be close to identical. Or at least (parts of) the rules.
Of course you're not calling you game "Risk" ;)
But there's no copyright on throwing dice and moving men.


Scotland yard is a really good game and there is a Nintendo DS version of it.


Hi everyone,

I'm new here and am looking foward to participate on this to get the hangs of glbasic. My last programming was on amos, hope it helps.

I was researching games to do and came by a few from my infancy that may look like possible choices:
The Awful Green Things from Outer Space
Excellent alien infestation game, >2 player
nice >2 player game, get the containers back to base,
control weather, ice and de-ice.
The aMAZEing Labyrinth
interesting shift board/maze concept
>2 player
complicated time consuming war/management game
love the bomb mushrooms. >2 player
Cosmic Encounter
nice conquest game, race system a must.
think starcontrol on board. >2 player

so there goes some references and although I would prefer to do them, their mechanics seem currently too complex for me. In case you are looking for a game to convert and implement further these are my good picks.

I'm currently analyzing one that should be a lot more simple on mechanics them these ones.

I will be needing help specially on dealing with cards and internet play as my programming skills are far from optimum.


Hey erico!
Welcome to the club! You'll find GLBasic to be pretty straight forward, any programming experience will help as you'll know the concepts. It's then just a case of working out which commands to use to apply the concepts you already know.

The people on the board are really helpful, post in the GLBasic questions thread if you need help on anything and I'm sure someone will be quick to help out!

Don't worry if you're choose a relatively simple game, a simple game done well is a thousand times better than a complex game done poorly. Start with the simplest little bit of the game mechanic that you can, get it working, then expand one step at a time.
Just remember to enjoy it!



Found a possible game.
Problem with it is that the 2 to 4 players can not see each other's cards.

One solution would be net/connect play but I'm running a demo and no such commands, also, I took a look at the commands and I don't think I will be able to understand them anytime soon.

So, I'm looking for a way to port a game where cards must be hidden from each players on a single machine. In a way, players could be polite and look aside on each's turn, but that takes the focus of the board and fells it looses playability.

Does anyone have a creative solution on this? Did anyone run into a game with similar requirement?

Kitty Hello

maybe each palyer has some sort of code. Then you e.g. can show 10 cards, but only the ones that have a cow/rose/cube on them are of value...


I'm working on a two player game where each player can't see what the other one has.I will be opting for network play myself, and may look at "polite" screen changing for a single pc version.

As far as single screen gaming goes, I can't use the technique myself as I need too much screen real estate, but you may want to try separating the screen down the middle. People could then use a cardboard screen in real life to hide half the screen from the other person. Obviously it won't wouldn't be at all practical for a 4 player game.

A very clever solution (if I do say so myself!!!  :good: ) - though it would be rather hard to get exactly right - would be to use the old 3D red/blue glasses technique. Issue the players with either red or blue glasses (I don't think blocking 4 different colour wavelengths would work too well without very exact colour matching) and colour your cards in either red or blue so that each player can only see their own cards.

Hmm, they're not really practical ideas - in the real world who is going to go to the bother of making screens or coloured glasses? You might get points for effort though!

The more I think about it, the more I really like my coloured glasses idea!!! I may just put that in a game at some point...

Sorry Erico, I think your only feasable solution without networking is "polite" screen changing.


Oh nice

Kitty Hello you have a great one there, I thought of codes but in an inefficient way, yours sounds great, that's creative!

In the game, each player keeps 10 cards all time.
point a target, and choose a combination of cards.
Since the player has to choose, picky adversaries could break the code. hmmm

Nice one the glasses too thanks FutureCow, the glasses are excellent, the game can be played relatively fast, casual, will not tire a person's eyes, tempting idea specially as a mode.

cards could appear small on the corner of the monitor, space bar show/hide), where you could use your hand to cover to your eyes only, of course this would require people relatively close to the monitor...hmmm

thinking about ideas, the current player cards could all be on the monitor,which is zoomed on the board so that the cards are off screen but there, the game gets played by a cellphone using one of those java bluetooth connections that show monitor screen and control mouse, on cellphone maybe the off screen part is visible when you are done press a 'enturn' button and hand the cellphone. board gets updated. Nuts.

Ian Price

Would it be an idea to implement computer controlled players instead of humans? That way you don't have to worry about any players seeing the other's cards?

I know it destroys the social aspect a bit, but if I really want to play a board game, then I just use a real board game. Online play is more sociable, but also increases development time considerably and multiplies possible problems exponentially.
I came. I saw. I played.


I agree with Ian on this one.  I've come up with a few ideas since reading your original post Erico, but to be honest they are all flawed.  My best one pretty much made the idea of having it as a computer game pretty pointless as there wouldn't have been a lot of difference to it being like a real physical card game...

Network can be hard to learn (especially if you dont have a basic understanding of how the internet works -- just dont ask me, Im retired :P), but that's really your only decent option.


I'm really enjoying this comp. Progress so far...  =D

Ian Price

What game is that ynbniar? I don't recognise it from that image.
I came. I saw. I played.