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GLBasic v16 STEAM-VERSION out now!

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or even selling them, if he want to do. Im do have no permissions to request them.

Howover we got a nice review in chineses.

nice :)
anyone able to translate it?

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Posted: 8 January
GLBasic can be used for traditional software development, not just games.

There are many sample files in the Samples folder for reference.

The shortcomings are also obvious. The IDE is too simplistic, and it looks like a product of the 1990s.

However, the price is very cheap, and the combination is still very good value.

After all, you can't find the second tool on the steam that can both play games and make traditional software.

thanks  :booze:

he's right, the IDE might look old fashioned, but it's easy to use and so it shall be.

So Steam will be only official way to get GLBasic and future updates, or v16 will be also available as standalone app like now and will follow within few days here too?
On one hand it would be nice to get Steam key as long-time user, on other hand Steam algorithms separate users that bought product directly on platform from those who got it from other sources...

Google Translator is sufficient for such basic review translation :D


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